Seiko Introduces Three Limited Edition Divers Inspired by Iriomote Island

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On a recent podcast I remarked that the year of the green dial had come and gone, and that perhaps we were on the verge of a new color dominating new releases in 2021. It seemed like a reasonable proposition at the time, but perhaps it was wishful thinking. I mean, who among us doesn’t want to turn the page, and move onto something completely and utterly different from 2020? Well, it only took a few weeks for my green dial theory to completely explode right in front of me, and it started with the trio of Seikos seen here, all limited editions made in celebration of the brand’s 140th anniversary. These are the first in a planned series of watches that Seiko will release in their 140th year to celebrate the big anniversary, and like many recent limited releases from the brand, these watches are inspired by the natural world. 

The three watches in this mini collection are inspired by the island of Iriomote in Okinawa Prefecture. The island is a popular diving destination and is known for its coral reefs, abundant and varied marine life, and untouched mangrove forests. The verdant green dials of these watches is meant to represent the multifaceted nature of Iriomote’s complex ecosystem. 


All three timepieces are part of the Prospex line, and are thus suitable for diving and generally made to Seiko’s highest standards for “professional” tool watches. In this series we have two watches modeled after Seiko’s legendary 6159-7001, their first dive watch with 300 meters of water resistance, originally released in 1968. First up is the SLA047, outfitted with Seiko’s premium Caliber 8L35. This watch has a full 300 meters of water resistance, a monocoque case, and is suitable for saturation diving. This is a large watch at hair over 44mm in diameter and a case height of 15.4mm, making it something of a statement piece when you factor in the impact of the green dial and. The SLA047 is a limited edition of 3,000 and carries a retail price of €3,300.

Next up is the SPB207, which has similar case lines but comes in at a more manageable size than the SLA047. Known officially as the Prospex 1968 Automatic Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation, this watch measures 42mm in diameter and 12mm thick, which should make it significantly more wearable, though it loses 100 meters of water resistance in the process of slimming down. The SPB207 is powered by Caliber 6R35, and a limited edition of 6,000 pieces, with a €1,400 retail price.


The third watch in the lineup is the Prospex Solar Chronograph, reference SSC807. We don’t often cover Seiko’s higher end solar watches on Worn & Wound, but these watches have a great deal of utility, and you can clearly see that they are designed with an eye toward the same heritage as the mechanical divers. The SSC807 is water resistant to 200 meters and features a power reserve indicator, which is a useful bonus for a solar powered watch, particularly if you plan to take it diving and depend on it to keep time while submerged. This watch is limited to 4,000 pieces, and will sell for €790. 


Look for these three watches in Seiko boutiques and authorized dealers beginning in March, and keep an eye out on these pages for news of additional releases celebrating Seiko’s 140th anniversary as the year continues. Seiko

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