Sequent Partners with Seconde/Seconde on What they Describe as a Smartwatch with the Most Ungrateful Solar Charging Dial Ever Made

It’s always a special occasion when two innovative brands partner with one another to create something truly unique. Take, for example, the Sequent SolarCharger F**KING SUN watch, a product made in collaboration between Swiss smartwatch brand Sequent and Seconde/Seconde, a Paris-based artist who uses humor and street art-inspired design to mod vintage watches for the Banksy generation.

Romaric André, the mind behind Seconde/Seconde, was tapped by Sequent to add his specific style to their SolarCharge model. With a bit of tongue-and-cheek humor, André balances a minimalist dial with a cartoonish delight. Sequent may be looking to renewable energy sources (like solar), all while Seconde/Seconde’s biting commentary on how the myopic view of everyday problems (like a melting ice cream cone, as seen on the subdial) blinds us to the potential that’s still out there.


This collab is a perfect pairing between the often-cited stereotype of Swiss orderliness and the Paris artist’s whimsical cynicism. Adrian Bachmann, CEO and co-founder of Sequent, seems to agree, having added his support of this partnership, “When [André] landed us his first draft, I loved the idea and meaning of it immediately.”

Apart from the aesthetics of the watch itself, the Sequent is a great reinterpretation of the smartwatch. While it looks like a standard analog watch, its functionality has all the high-tech gadgetry expected for those looking for a smartwatch that’s designed for health monitoring. This includes activity tracking, distance monitoring, blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, all using a proprietary app that connects to both iOS and Android.

The watch itself comes in five colorways: Tangerine Orange, Azure Blue, Black Sand, Sea-Salt White, and Transparent Jellyfish. The watch is 40mm in diameter with a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Most impressive of all is that the Sequent SolarCharger boasts the largest solar dial ever made. It works to convert ambient light into electrical power, giving the watch an almost endless power reserve. You’ll rarely – if ever – have to consciously charge this bad boy.

The F**CKING SUN model isn’t just a testament to Sequent’s technological capabilities or Seconde/Seconde’s talents, but perhaps it’s a canary in the coalmine of sorts: that we’re seeing an evolving approach to watch designs. One that doesn’t stray away from the comical or political or the controversial, but instead embraces it, all while creating a high-quality product for the end consumer.

The Sequent SolarCharger F**KING SUN watch is now available via Sequent’s website and retails for $495. Each colorway is limited to 99 pieces, so grab yours before they’re gone.

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