Sinn Introduces New 556I’s, the Split-Seconds 910 and More at BaselWorld 2016

At last year’s Baselworld, Sinn took a step back and expanded on their range of more affordable entry-level watches, focusing less on their proprietary tech and more on value. Those releases included the 204 St, the 104 St Sa A, and my favorite of the bunch, the EZM 3F. For 2016, Sinn is celebrating their 55th anniversary, and with it they’re largely continuing last year’s trajectory with one notable (and very cool) exception.

Sinn 556 I Mocha and Anthracite Dial Limited Edition

Ever wonder what the 556 I might look like if it were a tad more refined? Think a sunburst dial, applied indices, and steel sword hands. That’s basically what Sinn did with their two new takes on one of their most popular models. The first is a warm mocha sunburst dial intended to be a mainstay in the collection, and the second is a sunburst anthracite variation limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide. Being a limited edition Jubilaeum (anniversary) watch, the 556 I Anthracite replaces the “AUTOMATIK” with “1961-2016.”

SINN_556i_LE_4Both are quite stunning and I was particularly smitten with the anthracite dial, which I think would work great for the brand as a general release, too. That being said, the mocha dial is surprisingly versatile and not too brown due to the way it reflects light, giving it a near-black appearance under certain angles.


SINN_556i_M_1Both watches will be available on a bracelet ($1,390 for the limited edition and $1,380 for the mocha dial) or on a whiskey shell cordovan strap ($1,160 for the limited edition and $1,140 for the mocha dial).

910 Anniversary Split-Seconds Chronograph Limited Edition

Sinn calls the 910 a “schleppzieger,” a German word that best encompasses the true functionality of a splits-second chronograph. For those unaware, a splits-second function basically has two chronograph hands that both start in perfect alignment when actuated. Then another pusher—which in the case of the 910 is positioned at 8 o’clock—can be pressed to halt one of the hands as the second continues to advance across the dial.

SINN_910_1Pressing the pusher a second time jumps the halted hand to the position of the moving hand, and they continue in unison once more. The complication, dating back to 19th century, was designed to time events within events. To achieve this functionality, Sinn took a top-grade Valjoux 7750 and modified it with La Joux Perret, basically rebuilding the movement to add split-functionality and a column wheel. It’s an expensive modification, and one that’s reflected in the price of the watch, but it’s very cool nonetheless.

SINN_910_4Aesthetically, the watch is a bit of a throwback to Sinn’s earlier days. The cream dial is accentuated with black applied indices and splashes of red along the tachymeter and the hands. The 41.5mm stainless steel case feature a mix of finishes, and comes with both a fine-link bracelet and a shell cordovan strap. Also included in the kit are a strap replacement tool, spring bars, a loupe, and a polishing cloth.

The entire package is $5,940 and is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

856 B-Uhr Tegimented Limited Edition

One of our favorite new releases from Sinn, the 856 B-Uhr blends the aesthetic of Sinn’s modern flieger series with that of a classic B-dial flieger. There’s an inner ring for the hours, and an outer ring for the minutes with a stylizied triangle at 12 o’clock/60 minutes. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t seen this watch before given how closely tied Sinn’s design heritage is to aviation.

SINN_856_B-UHR_6I really like the use of vintage paint here, and its contrast against the more classic and austere white markings and matte black dial. The dial is also color coded, with the elements connected to the minutes in the aforementioned vintage paint and the hours in white. The colors also look great with the grey of the Tegimented steel case.

SINN_856_B-UHR_1The 856 B-Uhr will be available on bracelet for $2,090 or on a tan leather bund for $1,780 and is limited to 856 pieces worldwide.

Sinn U1 Camouflage Limited Edition

The U1 is undoubtedly one of Sinn’s most iconic watches. For 2016, Sinn took their popular diver and gave it a camouflage dial. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that while I like camo, I generally prefer it stay away from my watches. So I definitely walked into our meeting expecting not to like the U1, which gave me flashbacks to the Sinn Bape collaboration from 2007. That being said, I was actually quite impressed with the watch in the metal. Yes, it’s camo, and therefore the watch will appeal to a very specific type of customer. But the camouflage pattern and coloration are quite nice, and we were told they went through numerous iterations of the dial just to get the pattern working with the indices and hands. My biggest concern from the press images was legibility, but in person the indices and hands are very easy to read, and overall the package does standout.

SINN_U1_CAMO_1The Sinn U1 Camouflage is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, and comes in a package that includes a green silicone rubber strap with locking buckle, a brown textile strap, a strap changing tool, and an extra set of spring bars. $2,160

6200 Meisterbund I Limited Edition in Rose Gold

And finally, perhaps the most unexpected watch from Sinn this year. The 6200 is a familiar design, similar aesthetically to the now defunct Unitas-based 6110 series. But the 6200 is a whole new watch internally, powered by the Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD) 33.1. To be succinct, it’s a unique hand-cranker from a small manufacture out of Dresden known for higher end boutique work. It’s not an in-house movement from Sinn (nor at they claiming it is), but this is the first time the UWD 33.1 is being used in a large production series.

SINN_MEISTERBUND_5The UWD 33.1 is a unique design from the manufacture, not based on anything preexisting. It is made of nickel silver and features a flying spring barrel, which is a barrel supported on just one side. The balance system features six eccentric weights, which allows for adjustment and offsets the imbalance in the watch’s oscillating system. Furthermore, the regulator system allows for additional precision adjustment. The UWD 33.1 comes with a 55-hour power reserve.

SINN_MEISTERBUND_3The 6200 comes in a 40mm 18K solid rose gold case manufactured by SUG, and is limited to 55 units worldwide. The entire package includes a wooden presentation box, leather strap, solid rose gold tang buckle, loupe, and metal warranty card. The WatchBuys Direct price is $13,740.

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