Sound The Alarm: Vulcain Links Up with Revolution & The Rake on Limited Edition ‘Style Moderne’ Cricket

The latest iteration of Vulcain’s beloved alarm watch, aptly named the Cricket, is a collaborative limited edition piece with Revolution & The Rake. Tapping into Revolution’s enthusiasm for finely crafted timepieces and The Rake’s sartorial know-how, the Cricket gets a handsome new sector dial that harkens back to the design made popular in the 1930’s. Still keeping the foundational elements of the Cricket, the limited edition ‘Style Moderne’ is a representation of an era where design evolved from Art Deco’s flash and flare, to practical and functional, without sacrificing its appealing facade.

To dive a little deeper into architectural history and terminology, Style Moderne or also known as Art Moderne, emphasized movement and sleekness. It was a departure from the embellished zig-zags and chevrons found in the previous decade, and a transition to more streamlined designs while maintaining some of its geometric and bold color elements. The Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ embodies that evolution with its sectioned two-tone Bellini and anthracite dial. Each layer of the dial has its own geometrical feature; the inner dial is split into four quadrants, the following Bellini layer is split into eight separate sections by several anthracite channels that flow into the outer portion of the dial.


We’ve seen multiple hour marker displays within the Cricket collection, ranging from Arabic numerals, pointed markers, and a combination of both. This particular edition comes with a simple Arabic cardinal hour configuration, marking the first of its kind for the Vulcain Cricket. The positioning here is a two-way design street with each numeral centered and highlighted at the center of its respective section, but its minimal presence also allows the orange-brown to have maximum real-estate to contrast against the accompanying matte black dial color.

Sector dial watches were also known as “Scientific Dials” due to their additional hash marks and markers within the seconds track to keep exact time, as well as their visual display that allows for quick timekeeping in short bouts thanks to their sector format. Although it remains as part of the Cricket’s dial design language, the numbered seconds track aligns with the “science” vibe and is kept at bay at the dial’s edge, framing and featuring the refined features of the dial.

The Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ is fitted with a 39mm stainless steel case and a set of polished lugs that significantly narrow away from its case body. Powering this limited edition is Vulcain’s V-10 alarm manual movement. In addition to the 42 hours of power reserve, you’re getting a double-barrel movement that manages power for both the main time and alarm function. With a couple rotations of the onion crown, and a push of the two o’clock alarm pusher, you’ve got something other than your phone, laptop, etc to remind you about that meeting later in the day, to pick your kids up at daycare or to just wake up – keep in mind there’s no snooze button here and the cricket “buzz” notification will last 20 seconds.

The Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ delivers on a brown leather strap with matching stitching and a generous taper towards the buckle keeping the vintage theme. The Vulcain x Revolution & The Rake Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ is limited to 50 pieces and retails for $4,060. For more information on this new release, head on over here.

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