Spring Wardrobe: Jackets

The time has come to store away the chunky wool sweaters, hang up the heavy coats, and bring out the springtime clothing arsenal as we thaw out from the chilly winter. There’s something about this season that’s particularly alluring; the warm sunshine on your skin, the budding vegetation, or simply the fact that the piercingly-cold wind no longer hurts your face. For those of us who like to dress well, it’s also a time of creativity and self-expression. The typically-neutral color palettes of winter are instead replaced by the vivid colors and patterns of spring. A wider array of colors to use creates a much more dynamic range of possible fits. Don’t get me wrong; I love layers. More articles of clothing means more ways to customize your look, right? Especially for men, fall and winter styles just brim with opportunity. However, it’s also important to consider that spring/summer allow for more “statement” pieces, which essentially allow you to say more in as few words as possible. Now, pour yourself a nice glass of lemonade (or whiskey) and let’s begin.

Depending on where you live and its seasonal climate, you may or may not have a need for outerwear. I live in the Northeastern United States, so our springtime can vary from ‘”Damn, I lost another finger to frostbite” to “I’ve shaved every inch of my body and I’m still sweating”. Regardless, I’m going to list a few types of jackets and styles that will look great this season.


Denim trucker

Without a doubt, the denim trucker is one of the most classic displays of Americana outerwear. The simple jacket has not only been around for a century, but is here to stay. It’s a reliable, mid-weight choice for a nice breezy day. My go-to would be the Levi’s variant, which comes in several different denim washes. For those seeking a superior quality denim jacket, I’d recommend the Canadian-made Naked & Famous selvedge jacket.

Field Jacket/M-65

Most modern field jackets stem from the M-1965 jackets worn by American soldiers in the Vietnam War. Fortunately, you won’t have to fight in the jungles of Southeast Asia to obtain one; many different variants are available and most large brands have their own take on the classic coat (like all of them – check out J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy etc.). My personal favorite: the Alpha Industries M-65. If you decide to pick up this amazing jacket, make sure to size down as they run large.


Before May flowers come April heavy downpour, so it’s always a wise choice to have some functional, yet fashionable weather-resistant outerwear. Compact and packable, carrying an anorak in a backpack or car is easy and can come in handy for sudden rain clouds (not to mention they look great). If you’re looking for an authentic Scandinavian anorak, check out the Fjallraven High Coast. A lower budget (yet also effective) option with a broader color selection is the Charles River (great for wind and light rain). I’d recommend an anorak/parka in a bright, nautical-inspired color like blue, orange, or green to reinforce that iconic look.


This is a style of jacket that not every guy can get behind or in (heh), but terrible jokes aside I think it’s a great-looking category of jacket suitable for tons of different looks. Bomber jackets, named for their use by WWI bomber pilots (old planes didn’t have closed cockpits, so pilots wore then to stay warm), are available in plenty different materials, from cotton “varsity” to nylon versions. Though originally made from sheepskin leather, most modern flight jackets are now made from cotton or nylon. This is definitely optional and should fit into your own personal style.

Navy Blazer

Few articles of clothing are more iconic than the timeless navy blazer. Versatile, clean, and outright manly, the blazer is a garment that’s stood the test of time. It was originally worn by British royalty in the 1800s and has been adopted as a fundamental key in the menswear community. Though considerably less casual than the previous outerwear choices, the blazer has a place in nearly every man’s wardrobe as the perfect jacket for more formal events or a classy night in the city. Fit is absolutely essential to nail with jackets like these and chances are that no suit/blazer/sports jacket will fit you right off the rack. I’d recommend putting forth a bit of extra money to get it tailored to your own body. The difference will feel unreal. If you really want to nail the look, look for a jacket with gold buttons or buy them separately. Blazers are typically made of wool, which may be too warm for certain climates; however, they’re also made in more breathable linen fabrics, as well as cotton.

This concludes the first installment of our Spring Wardrobe series. Next time, we’ll hit the ground with some footwear choices for the coming warmth, wind, and rain. I’m going to focus on including a wide variety of different shoes, so there’s bound to be a pair that catches your eye.

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