Steinhart Apollon


The Steinhart Apollon is the latest release from Steinhart, one of worn&wound’s favorite watch manufacturers. Its so new in fact, that some details of the piece are still unclear, like what movement it will feature. But the incredibly unique looks of the Apollon and perfect price make a it a watch like no other, and one we just can’t resist.

There is a lot to take in when first laying eyes in the Apollon. It’s huge, coming in at 45 mm wide, a whopping 17 mm thick and weighing 137 grams. But Steinhart makes good use if this space, fitting the watch with a domed sapphire crystal and, more interestingly, an interchangeable bezel. While initial shots from Steinhart don’t give the complete picture, it looks like the bezel is held in place by four hex screws at the 2, 4, 7 and 10 positions. These Hex screws match those used to hold in place a strap or bracelet. Most importantly, the PVD black, bronze and stainless steel bezels that come with the Apollon are gorgeous, and provide incredible versatility to the piece. Each looks outstanding with the calf leather strap provided with the watch. And while this may not be apparent from just looking at the Apollon, its case is titanium, which, if nothing else, adds to the value of the watch.

The face of the Apollon fits well with the machined aesthetic if its case. There is a matte black outer face plate covering a grey plate underneath. And while the black plate features no numerical markings, perforations at the hour positions reveal luminescent underneath, which appears fairly legible in daylight (based on current pictures). The polished stainless steel hands are sword shaped and partially filled with lume, and the second hand is a handsome blue that matches the color of the Apollon logo. The face also features a date function at the 6 position.

All this watch can be yours for $525, which is an outstanding price if you ask me. In fact, I have a hunch that because of its unique styling, versatility and affordable pricing, the Apollon is going to be very popular amongst collectors, especially Steinhart fans. The Apollon is set to go on sale sometime after September 15.

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