Suigeneric Spring 2015

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With Spring officially here, it’s time to start considering your warmer weather strap game. Less heavy leather, more fabric and textile to allow breathability and moisture to dissipate. But material isn’t the only consideration for Spring and Summer, color and pattern play a large role too. As the layers come off, there is more room visually to accessorize, allowing you to make more of a statement with your strap. Well, Suigeneric, makers of the renowned waxed cotton straps, have released several new styles that fit the bill.


For Spring 2015, Suigeneric has come up with 4 styles, each with 3 colors, ranging from subtle to rather bold. Starting with the former, there is the clean and calming vertical stripe series. Muted blue, red and green are all off set by light pin-striping that adds just enough texture to make the fabric pop. Pair these with a white oxford, but drop the tie for an interesting play on business casual. In fact, these ones could really work year round.

For step towards the loud, they have new polka dot straps. Available in red, blue or black, each option will make a statement. While these are not for everyone, to really draw some additional attention to your wrist, especially with a t-shirt on, these will do the trick. They are also a nice option for women who want to dress up their timepieces. As mentioned in our guide from a few months ago, pair a Timex Weekended with one or more of these for a nice gift.


Next up is the printed series, with two versions of a nautical, anchor print and one bold American flag print. Like pants with little whales on them, ties with ducks, or sailboat belts, the anchor print straps bring out the New England in you. Put this on your vintage Regatta chrono and head to Nantucket for some sailing. Available in navy or burgundy with contrasting anchors, these should go well with your boat shoes regardless.

The American flag strap needs little introduction… its got the stars and stripes in full blazing glory repeating down its length. Another statement piece, this one will standout and probably best paired with a strong watch that can stand up to the colors. As someone who has never been inclined to wear a bandana, I found this one brought out my inner Springsteen, and I couldn’t help but try it with blue jeans, a jean jacket and some brown boots… I was short the white t-shirt, but that’s an easy fix.


Saving my favorite for last is the so-called “three-color stripe” series. Each strap consist of a pattern of colored blocks of differing sizes, creating a nice rhythm of color. There are three varieties, two versions of red, white and blue (neither of which feels too flag like) and a blue, green and white model. The first thing that stands out about these is that the stripes are horizontal, running counter to how colors/patterns are typically executed on pass-through straps… This gives it a different look and feel, one that works nicely, framing the watch between the lines.

The second thing is that while bolder than many straps, they are fairly subtle, adding some color and pattern while not drawing too much attention, which is just more my style. The blue/white and green strap just went naturally with the casual clothes I usually wear, and I could see the navy, red and white model doing the same, adding just a touch of red, like brick soles on a pair of shoes.


So, if you’re looking to add some flair to your watches this spring, be sure to check the Suigenerics out. Each style is available in 18, 20 and 22mm sizing, and new to this season, the straps have been refined, increasing their length by a half inch, and adjusting the ring location for better fit. At $35 a piece, it’s a small price to pay to add a lot of personality to your timepiece. As always, these are all hand waxed, giving them a unique look and feel.

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