November 14, 2022
Taking it Easy with The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 Limited Edition
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The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 was created not with some lofty ambitions of adventure, nor to impose a luxurious lifestyle, but rather to simply be a joy to wear. A watch in two colorways that are both immediately welcoming, warm, and friendly. A touch out of the ordinary, but not challenging; quirky, but not annoying. A watch that can be worn with a wide range of styles. A watch that reminds you that this hobby is all about having fun.

The goal when designing the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 was pretty simple, to create a watch that never was, but could have been. Inspired by the vast Timex archive, it doesn’t draw from any one watch in particular, but rather the brand’s creative ingenuity and American origins. A brand that has put watches on more wrists than most, they’ve never feared fun. They’ve also never feared color or texture or creating something that might not please everyone. In doing so, they’ve created watches that are unlike what can be found by any other brand. Watches that are practical, full of personality, and at times, pleasantly irreverent.

For the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 we started by choosing one of our favorite cases currently in the Timex catalog. 37mm x 43mm with 20mm lugs, it’s 12.7mm tall, including a domed acrylic crystal. It wears beautifully and is sized to fit a wide variety of wrists. However, this was a quartz model, and this is where our first big change was—we asked for a manual, mechanical movement instead. As we said, a watch that never was, but could have been.

Why? Well, we wanted this watch to require interaction. Winding a watch, in our experience, creates a bond with it. A morning ritual, the daily winding of your watch acknowledges that there is a mutual reliance. By taking care of it, it will take care of you. Part of the joy in owning a watch is the unexpected importance it can take in your life, reminding you of the experiences you’ve shared with it. The sweeping seconds hand is also an appealing attribute.

The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 was created to simply be a joy to wear

The two colorways of the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 provide substantially different looks, while also complementing each other. One dark and earthy, the other bright and airy, they are inspired by American scenery. The former features a black and grass dial with khaki accents and a hint of red. It’s mounted to a green fabric strap with a unique weave. Reminiscent of the tones found on a fall hike in the Northeast, it’s a comforting if slightly more serious combination.

The other features a medium teal tone surrounded by light cream. Red markers and white accents provide contrast and intrigue. It’s paired with a saddle tan leather strap which makes the teal tone stand out. This version speaks to a pleasant day by the water, perhaps with a cool breeze and the sensation of sand between your toes.

A study in taking it easy, the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 is simply meant to be a fun companion for your daily life. Mid-century styled, but with a modern appeal, they should fit seamlessly into anyone’s lifestyle. The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 is available now for $199, limited to 500 per color at and

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November 14, 2022