November 8, 2023
The BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT Limited Editions – Powered by the Miyota 9075
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The BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT Limited Editions were inspired by the new and profound Miyota 9075 automatic GMT movement. A revelation in the world of accessibly priced watches, the 9075 does something that until now few movements available to independent brands could do. A “flyer” GMT, the 9075 allows for the local 12-hour hand to be jumped hour by hour when setting. Coupled with a 24-hour hand about the center of the dial, typically left to home time, this simple function is far more convenient when traveling than GMTs with independent 24-hour hands.

To celebrate this industry-shifting launch, we teamed up with BOLDR to create the 3xT limited editions, a duo of rugged dual-crown sports watches with contemporary styling that allow for easy tracking of up to three time zones.

Watches that track more than two time zones can often be confusing to use, so it was our goal to make one that was simple, straightforward, and purposeful. With the convenience of the “flyer” GMT in mind, we organized the information on the dial by how likely it would be used.

At the center of the dial is a circle with a 24-hour index that is typically set at home time. Of course, when home, it can also be used for telling time on a 24-hour scale, so day and night are highlighted. Moving out, you have the boldest, most immediately legible index. Used for local time, there are large lumed blocks per hour, save at six where there is a high contrast date. A minute/seconds index borders this, adding precision. With the inner circle and quick-adjust local hour hand, one can already track up to two time zones.

The final element is a dual-purpose internal bezel. Featuring both 12-hour and 60-minute/second indices, you can pick what you need it for. Why add this function if there is already a “flyer” GMT movement inside? Well, here are a few reasons.

Perhaps you just want to track or check a second-time zone while at home or on a quick trip and don’t want to deal with adjusting the time. This is a fast and easy method to do so. Another reason is that if you are traveling and have the 24-hour hand at home time, and the 12-hour hand at your current local time, but are about to travel or need to be in touch with a third-time zone. Turning the bezel provides a quick and easy solution. Lastly, set at the origin, it adds normal numerals for at-a-glance readability.

With that all said, tracking multiple time zones isn’t always needed, so a standard 60-minute/second index was included as well. Set perpendicular to the 12-hour index it can aid in simple timing tasks. Just align the bezel origin point with either the minute or second hand to track the elapsed time.

Inspired by modern outdoor gear, the two dial options are decidedly bold and sporty. One with a blue base, the other with gray, they are vibrant and energetic. The blue dial features a khaki center opening followed by a thick ring of blue that just verges on teal, which is then bounded by a thin ring of khaki. Reds and blues act as accent colors. A steep chapter ring separates the dial from the internal bezel and is rendered in burnt yellow.

The internal bezel rides just beneath the sapphire crystal and is painted the same blue as the dial surface below. Light blue indices stand out without overtaking the more prominent applied markers. A red-rimmed date window sits at the six position showing a burnt yellow disk with black text. The local, home, and minute hands feature strong, architectural forms, various contrasting colors, and lume fill. A stick seconds with a rectangular lume block ride sits above the rest, painted in yellow and red.

The gray version is stripped down, using fewer colors overall, but with greater punch. On the lower surface is a dark gray center surrounded by a lighter gray ring. A thin line of bold teal with a strong green undertone acts as a border to this area. Matching teal and yellow accents provide highlights. A black chapter ring once again separates the levels, creating a strong sense of depth.

The internal bezel is light gray as well, with yellow indices. The local hour and minute hands are black and gray, while the 24-hour hand is yellow. The seconds hand once again utilizes the teal and yellow combo to stand out. Lastly, the yellow date disk sits at six, framed in black. All of the yellow accents on the dial are a tennis ball color that touches on green. A striking color, it’s almost fluorescent and gives the watch an exciting, slightly 90s flair.

Housing the 3xT concept is a new case by BOLDR for their Expedition line. A rugged dual crown design, it measures 41mm at the bezel, 43mm at its widest point, 47.5mm long, and 13.9mm thick with 20mm lugs. A dynamic shape, the sides flair out creating natural protection from bumps and knocks on adventures. A mix of blasted and polished surfaces creates an elevated look that maintains the watch’s core toughness. Screw-down crowns at two and four operate the internal bezel and time setting respectively, helping secure the 200m water resistance. Lastly, a tall chamfered sapphire crystal caps off the watch.

Combined with the accompanying nylon straps, the BOLDR X Worn & Wound 3xT GMTs are ready for your next trip straight out of the box. With a contemporary, sporty style, they are a perfect match for hiking gear, foul-weather articles, hot summer days, etc. Capable by design, what really makes them special is the Miyota 9075s beating within. Beating at 28,000 beats per hour with 24-jewels, hacking seconds, and quick set date (via the jumping hour), the 9075 brings a version of the GMT complication that was previously gated behind high price tags to a wider audience. Based on the 9000 series, which features the ubiquitous 9015, it’s also reliable and accurate.

The BOLDR X Worn & Wound 3xT GMTs are limited to 100 per color and priced at $699. They are available exclusively through Windup Watch Shop and will begin shipping in December.

Product Design
Zach Weiss
Leon Leong

Kat Shoulders

Modeled by
Wallie Luu

in partnership with
November 8, 2023