The Hamilton Khaki ‘Murph’ Gets a Downsize to 38mm

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was released 8 years ago, putting a special version of Hamilton’s Khaki field watch not just on the big screen, but an integral component of the story itself. It wouldn’t be the last time for such a feature in a Nolan film, getting the same treatment in the 2020 film, Tenet (which you can hear us attempt to describe in this podcast). The Khaki was the more production ready watch, and in 2019, Hamilton released the Murph, a faithful rendition of the 42mm Khaki seen on screen with the word ‘Eureka’ subtly applied to the seconds hand in morse code. Requests for a 38mm version of the watch came quickly, and Hamilton teased a response almost just as quickly. Today, a few years later, Hamilton makes good on that promise. 

This is the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph in 38mm, a slightly less accurate recreation of the watch from the movie that makes a worthy trade for better dimensions. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with 42mm watches, we love plenty of them and they can certainly be wearable. However, when it comes to field watches like this, the proportions feel more natural at this scale as there’s no complications or rotating bezel to eat up space. The 42mm still exists and will still be the better option for some wrists, however for many the 38mm variant will be a welcome addition to the family.


The charm of this watch is perfectly preserved and perhaps even enhanced at this size, with the cathedral hands joining a simple set of Arabic numerals marking each hour. The creamy light brown lume is used to lovely effect, not too yellow, not too stark. One detail suspiciously missing from the 38mm variant compared to the original 42mm model is the morse code application on the seconds hand. This feels an odd omission considering the watch’s raison d’etre, but in practice doesn’t really impact day to day use. The hands themselves are instead bead blasted, which brings a nice touch of texture to the mix. 

The 38mm steel case houses the H-10 automatic movement with 80 hours of reserve, and the whole lot is visible through an exhibition caseback. Total thickness is a pleasant 11mm while the lug to lug distance measures 44.7mm. Overall, a pretty great footprint, and the 20mm lug span will welcome a range of great strap options. It may have taken a while, but Hamilton really nailed the details with this rendition, and the sub $900 price point drives the point home. 

The 38mm Hamilton Khaki Field Murph is available to order now for $895. If you’re still on the fence it might be a nice excuse to fire up Interstellar one more time and get the full experience of the watch in action. Learn more about the watch from Hamilton.

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