The REC RNR Arkonik Celebrates A Specific Land Rover

REC Watches have made a name for themselves by incorporating literal pieces of their sources of inspiration within the construction of their watches dials. We’ve seen them do it with old muscle cars on up to Aston Martins. Their latest creation is a collaborative effort with the UK based brand, Arkonik, who specialize in customizing and restoring Land Rovers. You can probably guess where this is going. The new REC RNR Arkonik uses a piece of the first Land Rover to be restored and customized by Arkonik, the flagship UJO, which was completed in 2020.

The Land Rover UJO by Arkonik

The Land Rover is of course quintessentially British, and while this UJO restomod will undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of the purists among us, there’s no denying the quality and care with which this build was given. Finished in Stratos Blue with cream accents on the roof and door panels while riding (lowered) on 18 inch DakarZeros finished in black, the UJO immediately stands out, even in a crowd of other Land Rovers.

REC used a discarded door panel for the creation of this RNR model, which yielded 302 pieces for use within the dial construction of the watch. That section of the dial, which has had its paint and primer removed, is unique with a rough finish that’s been cut to shape to incorporate a running seconds and date complication along the 9 o’clock side of the dial. Blue accents on the rehaut and rubber strap recall the Stratos Blue paint of the UJO and pair well with the raw metal dominating the dial’s center. 

The 3-piece steel case measures 40mm in diameter and gets a bevy of details that will remind you of the watch’s source of inspiration, from the grill marks in the crown guard, to the embossed “ARKONIK” on the opposite side. Inside you’ll find the Sellita SW-200 beating away, which helps to keep the watch’s thickness in check at just 12mm. There’s a lot of personality on display here, and it looks big in the pictures but should wear rather well. 

Just 302 unique examples of the RNR Arkonik will be produced, with a numbered caseback that also depicts the likeness of the UJO’s wheels. The watch is available to order now, and is priced at $1,395. REC Watches.

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