The Three Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Varun Jindal

Editor’s Note: In this 3 Watch Collection for $5,000, reader Varun Jindal, @vkj622 on Instagram picks three watches that cover just about every base imaginable. He has a varied collection, but left to three watches at this price point he went with two that lean heavily to the sporty end of the spectrum, and a third for those times when he needs to dress a bit more formally.

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If you were ever compelled to track my journey as a watch enthusiast and collector looking for a pattern, you’d pull your hair out. I’ll save everyone some time. There isn’t one! My humble roster comprises multiple Xetum watches, a Bulova diver I address below, and a Seiko “Pepsi” SKX from the Middle East. Spoiler Alert: It’s not the 009!

As a modern-day ad man my personal style leans toward smart casual and formalwear only makes an appearance at weddings. To that note, if I ever catch anybody wearing an Apple Watch with a suit, I’ll immediately refer to them as Spy Kid (loudly and publicly). The Apple Watch is not a watch and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on!

You know better. You read Worn and Wound. The timing of this feature couldn’t be better as I step into a second decade in marketing and firmly plant both feet in my mid-thirties. So without further ado, please find my handpicked triple threat around 5k below.

Bremont Airco Mach 3: $2,000

Bremont first came on my radar when catching up with an uncle who’s a hospitality executive for resorts in Bermuda and British Virgin Islands. I loved learning about the brand’s history but was even more impressed with the variety of categories Bremont had to offer. The blue dial is absolutely spectacular, the 6 o’clock date window is my preferred placement, and the railroad track along the bezel stands out. I’m a huge fan of symmetry as well.

Bought new, the Airco Mach 3 retails for between $3,795 and $4,295 , but usually pops up a few times a year around the two thousand dollar mark. While I recently had the pleasure to see one up close and personal, ultimately I missed the chance to snag it up. The build quality is phenomenal and I’m hellbent on this being my next addition. Now just waiting to pounce!


NOMOS Orion 38 Gray: $1,900 – $2,200

NOMOS and I have been on this Earth nearly the same amount of time so in some ways we share life experience (granted I’m six months older). What they have achieved since 1990 is nothing short of amazing, especially with in-house movements. In fact 95% of the manufacturing is in Glashütte, Germany.

In the spirit of finding something a little different, i.e. not a white dial, I say “This Is The Way” to gray! The 38mm case size is slightly small for me, but as a dress watch I’ll allow it. The default companion is a black Horween leather strap; keep a brown alternative when switching up your shoes. Bonus: it pairs equally well with NOMOS’ original stainless steel bracelet!

I appreciate the brand for keeping their pricing approachable across the board – the retail price for this Orion is $2,620.

Bulova 1D16M: $750 – $1,000

Owning this submariner-style dive watch has been a joy, and I’ll never let it go. At 40mm, this throwback gem sits perfectly on my wrist and looks sensational on a Bond-inspired NATO, military green fabric, or textured rubber strap. I thoroughly enjoy swimming, water sports, boating on the lake, and snorkeling. My goal is to get scuba-certified in 2024 and might welcome a third member in the aquatic timepiece family.

Bulova’s finishing back then punches far above what’s on the market today. Mine was serviced months before purchasing so it felt safe to buy from a transparent & communicative seller. Other winners in this category at a similar budget are the Yema Superhuman, Benrus Ultra-Deep, and DOXA Sub 200.

A two-line Rolex Submariner (Ref. 5513) is one of my aspirational future watches, but I’m abundantly happy with this Bulova diver with heritage design.

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