This G-Shock’s For You, A Collab With Budweiser

We see a lot of collaborations these days, (including a pretty good one earlier this week) and G-Shock isn’t shy about holding back when it comes to their partners. That gusto is on full display this week with the release of a limited edition DW5600 done with none other than Budweiser. The (once) American stalwart of the beer scene leaves their mark on this G with a colorway that’ll have you crushing empties with your forehead. The product page even comes with the following message: 

“This product is intended for purchase by persons of legal alcohol purchase and drinking age.”


The familiar DW5600 case gets the full Bud treatment, with “genuine” written vertically down each side, joining a “King of Beers” at the bottom and the OG Budweiser logo at the top. There are no function labels in sight (do not operate under the influence?). Paired with the red strap, which gets the scripted “Budweiser” logo, it looks a lot like a can of Bud heavy. It even comes with a replica 25oz tall boy to display alongside it. 

The iconic American founded brand Budweiser is still headquartered in St. Louis, though, is now owned by international conglomerate AB InBev. Somewhat ironically, St. Louis enjoys a thriving local beer scene (plan a visit to Urban Chestnut, or 2nd Shift if you’re ever in the area), as an equal but opposite reaction to the mass produced stuff that has become synonymous with the city. As a symbol of gratuitous American culture, however, Budweiser is indeed still king (not that I’m above 1 or 5 while grilling).

The watch is officially the DW5600BUD20 and will be priced at $200 when it hits the G-Shock online store today (limit 1 per household). The package, which incorporates the watch and novelty can, is modeled after a case of beers, naturally. So bust out the tank top and folding lawn chair, pop in your favorite season of King Of The Hill, and get yourself ready for the drop happening today. G-Shock.

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