Timex Expands the Q Line with Three New Colors, Dropping Soon

Timex is a brand with very deep archives, so it’s not surprising that given the trends of the industry today, Timex has been pulling from those archives for inspiration — and doing so with quite a bit of success. One of their biggest success stories has been, without a doubt, the Q Timex, and for 2020, they’re expanding the line with an assortment of new (but familiar) color ways.

Now, I’m not going to get into nitty gritty of the Q here. For my full thoughts on the watch, be sure to read my review from 2019 Instead, I’ll offer a cursory overview of what’s to come from Timex and the Q.

Three new (but familiar) color ways of the Q Timex.

2020 will see a whole bunch of fantastic color ways for the Q, three of which you can preview above. There’s a white dialed variant with a black/red bezel, an obvious nod to the infamous white-dialed Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 “Albino.” Then we have a blue dialed version with a blue/orange bezel, a classic dive-watch color scheme that you’ve certainly seen from the likes of Bulova, Squale, Omega, and many more. And finally, there’s a black dial with a green/black bezel, which isn’t entirely referential, but I’d argue is certainly playing up the popularity of green divers like the “Kermit” and “Hulk.”


Other than a few aesthetic changes, the watch remains the Q you know and love, which includes that oh-so-convenient battery hatch on the back end. These are expected to hit Timex’s online shop sometime next month. Until then, you can sign up to be notified of their release on Timex’s website here.

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