February 20, 2024
Tool/Kit: Trail Running in Tennessee with Adam Gaskill and the G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000-9
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For this lates edition of Tool/Kit we went out on the trail with Adam Gaskill, a Tennessee trail runner and competitor to test out the newest G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000-9. Built with G-SHOCKs classic toughness in mind, we wanted to test the newest features and capabilities by hitting the trails in the wet southern winter conditions.

Hey Adam, thanks so much for chatting with us. Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for your day job and what are your hobbies and passions?

Hi, my name is Adam Gaskill, I live in Watertown, Tennessee. My passion for being outdoors has led me into a career with REI, where I work as a Bicycle Technician. I’ve been into bikes since college with both building and riding, but got into trail running in the last 5 years. Cycling, running, and hiking are the activities I naturally gravitate to when I’m out in nature. I try my best to get outdoors everyday. 

Tell us a little bit about your trekking and running experiences. Do you have any competitions you train for specifically? 

Running and hiking are a weekly activity for me. It’s about keeping the body strong in a very natural way. I do not consistently compete but that is because I gravitate towards 24 and 48 hour races and that can take a toll on your body. That being said, I do strive to keep my body fit so I don’t have to sit out on any activity should a competition pop up I want to participate in. If a group of friends says they want to run 20 miles in the woods, well I can do that. The ability to say yes to any strenuous activity, is a great feeling to have.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced with these competitions? 

With the 24/48 hr competitions, there is a stack of challenges the body and mind face in these events. You often find yourself alone on the trail and have to keep the motivation strong and the mind clear as it’s very easy to make simple mistakes that can result in injury out there. When you’ve been up for 20 hours and want to give up, it comes down to telling yourself “yes I can” and shutting up that part of you that wants to be comfortable. When it’s 3 AM, pitch black, in the freezing rain; your limping, your knees and ankles feel like hell, it’s really easy to say no. The challenge isn’t the miles anymore, it’s with yourself.

Can you share with us some of your favorite gear to carry while you’re trekking/running?

When I do any outdoor activity, I have to have the correct gear. Some nice light shorts and wool socks are crucial on the trials. One of the most important pieces of gear is footwear, and Nike’s I’m sporting these days have a GORE-TEX upper which keeps my feet nice and dry in the wettest of conditions. Supplements are just as necessary. I always pack snacks and plenty of water. I’ve always stuck with Nathan hydration packs. They are light, comfortable, and have awesome snack carrying capabilities. If it’s an afternoon run, don’t forget the headlamp, that sun may go down sooner than you think. Petzl headlamps are the name of the game, whether you are spelunking in a cave or trekking the midnight hour, the lumens and battery power are matched. Of course, there’s always a watch on my wrist and the new Rangeman GPRH1000-9 has helped me up my game out there in the dirt. It’s a minimalist sport which I love, but the few pieces of gear I carry are very important.

Was this your first encounter with G-SHOCK? 

I’ve worn G-SHOCK watches for several years. I’m a huge fan of their ease of use and bomb proof construction.  My occupation warrants me to wear something durable and lite. I’m constantly putting my hands through bike frames to make adjustments. Because of its composite casing, if my G-SHOCK hits a frame I’m not worried about it leaving a scratch. When I’m outside of work, I’m not worried about damaging my watch on the trail or doing farm chores, it’s a true workhorse, and a stylish one at that.

G-SHOCK is known for its rigidity, durability, and endurance. How did the new Rangeman GPRH1000-9 fit into your runs and lifestyle? 

I found the Rangeman to be a very exciting component of my activities on the trail. When you’re pushing yourself as much as I am, tracking my heart rate on the move through the trekking feature is a must. I loved the vibrant color and the LED display in dark conditions is a must when I’m on the trails at night. I also found the G-SHOCK app to be incredibly useful in tracking stats and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Rangeman connects to STRAVA, so I can keep track of my GPS mileage and push myself further and further every time I’m out there. Overall, I found it to be a helpful tool in keeping me on my A-game and maxing out my endurance when training.

Was there anything that surprised you about the Rangeman? 

For how robust the Rangeman GPRH1000-9 looks, it is super light. While running it’s not super noticeable with its weight on the wrist, which is a huge bonus when we’re trying to keep things fast and light. It also was very easy to use. I didn’t find myself pulling out the instruction manual on this one, as it’s incredibly intuitive to use.

What advice would you give to people just getting started in trekking or trail running competitions?

Along with getting on the trails as much as possible, I find cross-training super important to keeping my body ready for all sorts of terrain. I personally do things like cycling, swimming, lifting weights, and roller blading to keep my whole body prepared. I try to work in as much pre-hab to my weekly workouts to keep injuries at a minimum. I’d also say don’t worry about mileage or time, just have fun. Push yourself further when your body gets comfortable. You’ll surprise yourself that you can do more than what you thought.

How do you see your gear kit expanding in the future? Is there anything you can see adding or taking away? 

There is always something out there that you never thought about carrying or keeping in your gear kit. I love engaging in conversation with other athletes about their experiences and carry. When I’m at a race or crewing at an event, I’m always looking at others shoes. Watching for the common thread. How many competitors wore what brand today? What’s everyone got on the wrist? Through other’s adventures you can take away new information and ideas, and share your own. 


  • Case size: 60.6 × 53.2 × 20.3 mm (L× W× H)
  • Weight: 92g
  • Construction: Shock & Mud Resistant
  • Water resistance: 200m
  • Case material: Bio-based Resin
  • Bezel material: Bio-based Resin with Stainless Steel Side Guards
  • Band: Bio-based Resin
  • Display: MIP (Memory in Pixel) LCD
  • Power Charging: via Solar-Assisted Charging or USB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® via CASIO Watches App
  • Sensors: Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetic Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Thermo Sensor + GPS
  • Features: World Time, Moon Phase, Stopwatch, Run Time, Timer, Airplane Mode, Sunrise & Sunset Data, Vibration Alerts
  • Activity Modes: Running, Trail Running, Biking, Trekking, Pool Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Gym Workout, Walking, Interval Timing
  • Health & Wellness: Activity, Life Log, Blood Oxygen Measurement, Breathing Exercise
  • Training Analysis (Powered by Polar): Running Index, Cardio Load, Cardio Load Status, Energy Consumption, Nightly Recharge
  • Compatibility: Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit

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February 20, 2024