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Tool/Kit is a Worn & Wound’s column dedicated to watch-based storytelling for everyday carry gear (EDC) enthusiasts. It’s designed to allow brands to tell their stories on the website in a thoughtful, engaging way. In each edition, we select a watch designed for a specific purpose in mind, pair it with other complementary EDC items, and take them into the field. It’s a different way of approaching sponsored content, and we hope it provides engaging ways for crafting useful content about the watches, gear, and adventures that echo Worn & Wound’s mantra to Experience Enthusiasm™.

Tool/Kit: Exploring Iceland with the Bulova A-11 Hack

We went overlanding the Land of Fire and Ice, discovering waterfalls and volcanos, with a classic field watch reissue from Bulova.

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Tool/Kit: Foraging for Appalachian Trail Cocktails with Tommy Mauriello of Wyoming Whiskey

We head into Upstate NY forage for ingredients to make on-the-trail cocktails using Wyoming Whiskey with our friends at Edrington.

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Tool/Kit: Tackling The White Mountain Wilderness With The Khaki Field Titanium

Once again Jon Gaffney gets off the grid, this time with a twist on one of Hamilton’s legendary field watches.

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Tool/Kit: Mat Surfing In The Atlantic With The Vertex M60 AquaLion

Our pal Jon Gaffney introduces us to the art of mat surfing in Maine with Vertex’s foray into dive watches.

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Tool/Kit: Hitting The Waterways With The Lorier Neptune Series III

Worn & Wound contributor Jon Gaffney takes Lorier’s quintessential dive watch on a paddle boarding adventure on the Salmon Falls River.

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