April 20, 2024
The Ultimate 4/20 Gift Guide Featuring the Limited Edition Shinola 420 Grassland Runwell
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A tradition unlike any other, yes we’re talking about the green—but you don’t need clubs or a golf balls for this holiday. Today is 4/20, a day marked for camaraderie and resilience, in addition to community, advocacy, and creativity, that come from in the endless pursuit of a nice, little high. With continued successes in campaigns for the legalization of marijuana in the United States and around the globe, the stereotypical stoner persona is changing. While the days of crafting makeshift pieces in the neighborhood “spot” are (hopefully) far behind you, the team at Detroit-based Shinola have used their ingenuity to dedicate a special Runwell to continue to speak up for those incarcerated or affected by outdated cannabis laws. Take a look at Shinola’s latest release, in collaboration with actor Quincy Isaiah and his new film Grassland, as well as some giftable products from other innovative brands that are doing their part to get those who light up out of the dark.

Shinola 420 Grassland Runwell 41MM

The upcoming independent film ‘Grassland’ explores how the laws that have and still are incarcerating people for marijuana are disproportionately affecting minorities. In collaboration with actor and Michigan native Quincy Isaiah, the Shinola 420 Grassland Runwell was created to bring awareness to this cause and help drive long-needed change. This Ronda quartz powered watch is 41mm in diameter, 10.1mm thick, and sports a colorful green dial with marijuana motif on the 6 o’clock seconds sub-dial. The Shinola signature iconic caseback plate is laser-etched with movie name and edition number and is water-resistant to 5 ATM. Limited to 420 pieces, a portion of the proceeds of each watch is pledged to support criminal justice reform.

Houseplant Glass Grinder

Every marijuana aficionado needs a proper grinder, I mean why should grinding be a grind? This colorful grinder by Houseplant is made of sturdy borosilicate glass. It has a flat grinder pattern with divots to ensure the glass glides nicely while also grinding whatever you need ground up. It can grind nuts, spices and obviously, weed! Its ornamental pattern should even match your grandma’s candy dish and at just 2.5 inches x 3 inches, it won’t take up much room. Treat yourself, or others and experience the difference fresh grinding can make. You can thank us later once you are done with the munchies.

Edie Parker Tabletop Ashtray and Lighter

Black and white is a classic design combo we can get behind. This is Edie Parker’s best-selling Tabletop Lighter nestled in a hideaway ashtray or catchall. Now comes to you in recycled materials and neutral hues to please even the most conscious of ornament connoisseur. Granite (not to be confused with the rock of the same name) is made of recycled acrylic materials, boasting a subtle iridescent glow that catches the light from every angle and adds a touch of opulence to any setting. Its neutral color palette compliments a wide range of interior styles, making it a versatile choice for all interiors. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly. Measures: 4 ½ inches x 2 ¼ inches. Now you can light them up in style!

Houseplant Standing Ashtray

Ever wanted an ashtray that stands so you can sit? Have we got the product for you! The Houseplant Standing Ashtray does not require a table and is made from walnut and solid brushed brass, which makes it very strong. Its handle allows for easy maneuverability and its detachable, cleanable ashtray is made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making it resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass. It is 25 inches tall and roughly 13 inches wide, with a base of just about 7 inches. It clearly looks like something your cool uncle might have had and it is perfect for those who like sitting.

Vessel Pipe

Think all pipes are created equal? Think again! Introducing the VESSEL Pipe. The latest addition to their Helix series. Featuring a patent-pending double helix insert, which provides cooling airflow. Pipe delivers an unparalleled smoking experience, filtering out impurities and delivering smooth, satisfying hits every time. Crafted from anodized aluminum, the outer bowl boasts a large capacity of up to 1g, which is perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own. The more Pipe is used, residue builds creating a sticky filter for a debris-free experience. Its 3-piece design allows for easy cleaning and its intended use is for dry herb/flower.  Exterior dimensions in inches: 4.25″ x 2″ x 1.5″ and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Don’t you think everyone deserves an unparalleled smoking experience?

Marley Naturals Walnut Rolling Tray

Are you and yours still rolling directly on a kitchen table or desk? Then, you need the Marley Natural American Black Walnut Rolling Tray, It is a combination of a functional design and stylish form. Its striking wood base is finished in teak oil and features a cutout corner for easy pouring. A wooden scraper with a built-in magnet attaches to the Tray, fits its dimensions, and allows for an effortless preparation of the ground material to complement your daily ritual. It is a multi-use preparation tray that is stackable for convenient storage and its wooden scraper has a built-in magnet. Tray Dimensions for the small one are 9 inches x 5.5 inches x 0.75 inches. The large one is 12 inches x 7 inches by 0.75 inches. Scraper dimensions are 3.5 inches by 2.25 inches. Give the gift of proper rolling.

Selection of Rolling Papers

First on the list are Houseplant’s OCB Rolling Papers. These brown rice rolling papers are crafted with a premium blend of rice and organic hemp. Next, spruce up the joint with Edie Parker’s Flower custom rolling papers. Printed with their signature floral motif, these rice papers are super thin, iconic and will let you keep the good times rollin’. Finally, RAW Classics are 1¼ papers, also known as “Spanish Size.” It’s believed that this was the standard paper size hundreds of years ago.

Vessel On-the-Go Kit

Complement your EDC with this design-minded cannabis carry kit by VESSEL. It’s easy to organize and transport multiple goods in their protective Drift Case. These good can include their patent-pending Helix pipe with the perfect combination of filtering and cooling, their form-meets-function Carbon lighter, as well as their Mill, an on-the-go grinder for dry herb. 

Waiting to Inhale

Waiting to Inhale: Cannabis Legalization and the Fight for Racial Justice is a powerful indictment of one of the worst social and political failures in the nation’s history, Waiting to Inhale, offers an equally powerful vision of the possibility of redemption. Communities can be rebuilt, and racist policies must be overturned in order to give way to a new era of justice. A must-read for anyone interested in cannabis, political history, or racial justice.

Assorted Detroit Snacks

No 4/20 Day celebration would be complete without fun and interesting way to manage the munchies. We’ve sourced a fun assortment of Detroit-based snacks for the occasion. From Bon Bon Bon’s Mixed Box of Bons, to Faygo’s variety mix of wild soda flavors, to Better Made chips, and Cherry Republic candy—each of these company’s snacks can satiate those late afternoon impules.


  • MOVEMENT: Argonite 1069 Quartz
  • LUME: C5 Super-LumiNova with 4 layers on hands, 4 marker, and leaf graphic
  • CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • CASE FINISH: Polished Stainless Steel
  • CASE SIZE: 41mm
  • CASE THICKNESS: 10.1mm
  • CASE BACK PLATE: Signature Iconic Caseback Plate with Laser-Etched Serial Number
  • STRAP LENGTH: 115mm x 75mm
  • STRAP WIDTH: 20mm
  • CRYSTAL: Double-domed Sapphire
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April 20, 2024