(Video) First Look: The Sinn 103 Sa B E Limited Edition

Sinn is a brand that we’re always excited to check out at Baselworld (in fact, they were actually the first firm we checked in with at this year’s show). Baselworld 2018 saw a relatively quiet showing from Sinn, but that’s not to say anything about the quality of the offerings. Among two new lines and some extensions was the Sinn 103 Sa B E Limited Edition, a surprisingly awesome blue take on a classic watch from Sinn’s catalog. Why surprising? Well, I’ll be the first one to tell you that blue isn’t really my color, at least not when it comes to watches. We see a lot of blue-dialed watches (it seems to be a go-to for most brands) and many of them are, well, kind of dull looking (at least I think so). Every now and then, however, a brand will nail the color, and that’s what Sinn has achieved here with the SA B E.

Building on the 103 template, the SA B E takes Sinn’s classic pilot watch from its tempered black and white palette and renders it—from the bezel down to the dial—in a stunning, electric blue. It’s a really cool look, making the 103 Sa B E a great addition—albeit a limited one—to Sinn’s lineup.

For the overview, we covered that here. But to learn more about the watch and how it looks “in the metal,” check out the video below.

The Sinn 103 SA B E is limited to 500 units worldwide. It’s $2,760 on leather strap and $2,950 on bracelet. Sinn

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