[VIDEO] Our Favorite EDC Gear

Recently, we got the Worn & Wound team in front of the camera to talk about their favorite piece of EDC gear. The responses run the gamut, as you’d expect. From notebooks and pens, to flashlights and water bottles, the things we carry with us day to day help us get through work, life, and everything else. 

Unsurprisingly, more than one member of the team cited a simple notebook and pen combination as core to their everyday carry – there’s still no better way to track your ideas, and you always get to be the hero when someone inevitably asks “Anyone have a pen?” But there are some unexpected choices as well, including a water bottle favored by the two members of the Worn & Wound crew, a particularly durable wallet, and a classic pair of sunglasses. 

What’s your favorite piece of EDC gear? Let us know in the comments what you can’t leave home without.

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