[VIDEO] The Time & The Case For Strange Watches

We review a lot of watches around here, and oftentimes that means judging them by their practical merits. These are practical tools at their base, afterall, but they can (and should) be more than that, especially these days when we all have quick access to the time on a myriad of devices surrounding us. In fact, if it weren’t for something we find compelling beyond the practical considerations, it’d be awfully hard for any of us to justify our presence here. In this video, we’re taking a look within our own collections at the watches which take a different approach. You could call them 4th watches, weird watches, or simply unique watches, but most importantly, they are watches that bring something a little different to the table.

The spaces outside of the well understood genres and established design codes are the realm of the slightly odd, weird, or strange watch. Sometimes it’s a particularly creative solution to a problem, such as the crown lock mechanism of the PloProf, and sometimes it’s more abstract, such as the Fordite dial of the Arcanaut ARC II. Watches of this ilk are testing ideas, and how those ideas evolve or take hold in a broad sense has yet to be determined. The success of these watches is not predicated upon widespread adoption, of course, but rather, in their ability to captivate and provide a more engaging on-wrist experience.


When it comes down to it, even if we’re drawn to something like the simple, tool-ish nature of military watches, there’s still an aesthetic judgment being made that results in a great on-wrist experience. This is also why we caution against creating firm rules around stats like measurements, as a watch it more than simply how well it literally fits on the wrist. You can read Blake’s opinion piece about ‘the numbers’ right here for more on that subject. 

Jump into the video over on YouTube to leave your thoughts on these watches, and let us know what watches you gravitate towards when you’ve got the itch for something a little different. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel for loads more watch content coming soon.

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