Single-handed watches are a pretty interesting and fairly rare sub-genre of watch types. Essentially…well, literally… there is only an hour hand. One tells the minutes by estimating the hour hands position between the hour markings. The end result is a lack of precision, a lack of information and perhaps a more human way of telling the time. After all, does one really need to calibrate their existence to the second?

Defakto is a small German brand that currently only makes single-handed watches. They self manufacture in Germany and use Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movements. They come in 6 flavors, all very similar save a few cosmetic details, but their new model, the INKOGNITO, stands apart by, well, having even less going on. For this watch they removed all of their logos, creating a reversible model that is both clean and austere. The PVD model, which I especially like, emphasizes the bold but restrained geometry of the face markings and single large hour hand. The INKOGNITO is currently a preseries edition of 20 pieces that goes for $895 dollars.


photos by DEFAKTO

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