Watch-Lust: Steinhart Nav B Chrono


I’ve all but assured myself that the Steinhart Nav B Chrono pilot watch will be the next I purchase.  The combination of well spaced complexity on the face and craftsmanship really appeal to me.  Pictured below is the Nav B Chrono II with a brushed stainless steel case, blue hands and an open case back, displaying the ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.

This model is also available with white hands and a black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) case (also pictured below).  I really like the look of the day-date dials and the incorporation of the 6 and 9 into the chrono function.  The case diameter and height comes in at 44mm and 16mm respectively, so this is a sizable watch.
It’s hard to say what draws me to this watch over others with a similar design – there’s no mechanical complexity that makes it stand out from the rest and the design isn’t game changing.  Though, taken together, all of the elements of this watch strike me as especially well thought out and well crafted.  Plus, as someone not quite ready for the $3,000 watch market, the Steinhart Nav B Chrono series is one hell of a bargain at around $1,000.  I’ll check back in with a review if/when I pick one of these up for myself.

In the meantime, for a quick review and some nice video of the Nav B Chrono II check out

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