Watch Scrolling: Here are Five (More) Instagram Accounts We Think Are Worth a Follow

Last month, Zach Kazan brought us 5 Instagrams accounts with endlessly awesome watch content to scroll through. If you ask us, the key to a good Instagram feed is diversity, so we’re here with 5 more recommendations that we think will add some real value to your well earned scrolling time. We’ve got a little of everything here, including a few bonus picks outside of the realm of watches to keep your sanity in check. 

Without further ado, here are 5 (and a bit more) selections from our Managing Editor, Blake Buettner. As always, if you have any of your own recommendations for us, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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Stephen (@talkingabouttime) • Instagram photos and videos

Stephen, aka talkingabouttime is a photographer with some serious skills in catching the details of watches from some of our favorite brands. Stephen also has a knack for sharing watches from new brands you may not yet be familiar with, and thanks to the beautiful photography, make them quite enticing along the way. I love the sheer diversity of watches that appear on this feed, and have stumbled across more than a few hidden gems while scrolling.



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X (@10thwatch) • Instagram photos and videos

This account belongs to a collector perpetually looking for the perfect 10 watch collection, with the 10th being the best, obviously. This collector has eclectic tastes that range from the well known, to the downright elusive. There are also plenty of historic references in this feed that bring a deeper context to some of the watches, adding to their allure and lore. Fair warning, this is a feed that could end up sending you down some deep rabbit holes, so peruse at your own peril.



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Jane (@just_ct_jane) • Instagram photos and videos

You may recognize this next account for having recently appeared in the pages of the New York Times, alongside our friend Dana (@tell.the.time), and other women discussing their experiences as watch collectors (read the full article here). In this feed you’ll find impeccable taste, absolutely stunning watches, and an even bigger personality. If you’re looking for high-end stuff a bit off the beaten path, this account has you covered and then some. Bonus points for just_ct_jane being one of my favorite people to run into at watch events here in NYC.



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Doc KickToc (@kicktoc) • Instagram photos and videos

This next account is run by an Orthodontist and sneakerhead (though don’t expect much in the way of sneaker content here) who also happens to be really, really into watches. This feed features a broad selection of both vintage and new watches from brands that swing from the mainstream to the obscure, all treated with the same respect behind this lens. You’ll likely find some new discoveries here as well, which is half the point of a good feed!



Nils is a New York based collector that has a sharp eye for capturing beautiful details of his watches in the lovely photography that comprises his feed. As impressive as the watches are, I really love this feed for his willingness to have fun with surprising and unexpected strap combinations on even very high end pieces. This is a collector that enjoys his watches, gives them plenty of wear, and isn’t afraid to step outside of the comfort zone. While plenty of icons appear here, there’s also a nice selection of slightly more under-the-radar watches to discover as well.

As a bonus, here are a few other recommendations that will provide some amazing non-watch content to your feed, and might even help you relax a bit in the process. First is Finnish Formula 1 driver @valterribottas, who’s off season (and sometimes on season) shenanigans are exactly what the sport needs, and even if you don’t follow the sport, you’ll find plenty of levity to enjoy here. Next is Efraín Malo, or @maloart, a Mexican artist that isn’t afraid to show his process. This feed will have you reaching for a pencil and sketchbook in no time as he makes it look absolutely effortless. Finally, in the same vein, is Eric Landon, or @tortus who is a Copenhagen based (though is originally from Milwaukee) ceramic artist who throws some amazing vessels on his feed, and happens to teach the process every step of the way.

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