Watchbuys NYC Roadshow 2015


It’s hard to be in a room full of German watches and not feel like a kid in a candy store. Such is the effect of going to the WatchBuys Roadshow. There before you, is a cornucopia of watches from the technically taught Sinns, to the elegant and understated Nomoses, to the tough but luxurious Hanharts. All amongst the best made watches you can get, all with real horological chops and all priced fairly. Being able to see them all in the metal, something that doesn’t happen anywhere else, is a as enjoyable as it is informative. After all, it’s the feel of many of these watches that others can’t compare to.

New for this year was the selection of Hanhart watches, which Watchbuys recently became the US distributor for. We reviewed the Monocontrol a couple of weeks ago, giving it very positive reviews. It’s a truly high-end watch inside and out, even if the price tag comes in well below its competition. Well, the rest of their line would make any chronograph fan weep with joy. Seriously, there is no other brand out there right now, to my knowledge, that makes such an interesting array of chronographs. This is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

Hanhart Pioneer Stealth 1882 Limited Edition Flyback Chronograph

For this Roadshow, we brought out our cameras and did some recording as well as photographing to give you a peak into the event, as well as a close up look at a few of the watches they had to offer. Enjoy!

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