Watches on the Screen: White House Down

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Rather than feature an already released movie (as we have done in the past) in this edition of Watches on the Screen we’re going to take a look at a watch featured in a movie set for a summer release. And, the watch just happens to be a worn&wound favorite.


The Movie: White House Down (2013)

We are into the blockbuster summer action movie season as we roll through June. White House Down is one of the early ones to kick off the action and suspense. In the film, Channing Tatum plays US Capitol Policeman Jon Cale who is after his dream job of a Secret Service agent protecting the President. Unfortunately he is turned down for the job by the Secret Service but still wants to show his daughter the White House. During their tour, the White House complex is taken over by an armed paramilitary group. Actor Jason Clarke is the leader of the group, Stenz, who must now be stopped by Cale before harm can come tho his daughter or the President.

If the plot sounds familiar, well, it should; there have been several films to come before with similar premises. The general outline is that of a protagonist suddenly thrust into a threat against a hostile group. Think Die Hard, Under Siege, Air Force One, and Olympus has Fallen which, interestingly enough, is also being released in 2013.

Despite the familiar story, the film looks like it could still be a fun summer movie to beat the heat.

The Watch: Bulova Hack Watch


The watch chosen for Channing Tatum’s character is the Bulova Hack Watch, which we have covered here on worn&wound a few times before:

So clearly we are fans of the watch, and why not? It’s got a great, classic military look to it and has a reasonable 40mm size. For someone looking for an affordable military inspired watch they could do a lot worse than the Bulova.


Bulova is not one of the brands that one often sees in films; as such it is great to see this particular watch on the character’s wrist. For someone in the area of law enforcement a quartz powered watch is always a fine choice, as you never know what will happen to them in the line of duty. Although a mineral or sapphire crystal would hold up better than the acrylic in the Hack Watch. The stills from the film do clearly shows that Channing wears the watch on the underside of his wrist which will provide a bit of extra protection.

The movie is out in the US and Canada June 28th; overseas in Europe will get the film a bit later in the year. Tuck this one away as a movie that, if nothing else, it will be fun to catch a glimpse of the Bulova in action.

by James Enloe

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by James Enloe

Residing in North Idaho, James has been wearing a watch for over 35 years. With growth of the internet in the late 90s watches as an interest turned into an obsession. Since that time he has been a watch forum moderator, watch reviewer, contributor to Nerdist, and operates Watches in Movies in his spare time.
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