Watches, Stories, & Gear: A Hot Hatch, Martian Sound Waves, and Ben Affleck

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The Ringer Ranks Ever Ben Affleck Performance. For Science. 

Credit: Jay L. Clendenin via Los Angeles Times

Before you click through to the linked article from the Ringer ranking every Ben Affleck performance, ask yourself this question: how many performances is that, exactly? Chances are, the number in your head is lower than what you’ll find when you scroll down and find Paycheck bringing up the rear. Two things are apparent from the absolute mass of information here: Ben Affleck has had a wild career, and the Ringer is really putting in the work for Ben, because this is a massive undertaking. Click here for the full list.

Experience Maximum OS Nostalgia With ‘Infinite Mac’ Project

Infinite Mac

Ars Technica has a story on a cool new project called “Infinite Mac,” an emulator for legacy Mac operating systems that runs without requiring the use of a separate program. The result is an experience that makes better use of system resources and realistically recreates the experience of using these operating systems when they were the latest and greatest. A must read for Mac lovers or anyone looking for a dose of nostalgia with each boot up.

Audio From Mars Confirms A Different Speed Of Sound

This was an unexpected bit of news from the team studying audio taken by NASA’s Perseverance rover currently conducting science on the surface of the moon. Researchers had a localized source of sound at a set distance from the receiving device, and using a laser firing at rocks underneath the rover to study their composition, knew exactly when to expect the sound waves to hit that mic. The results show that sounds travels a bit slower on Mars than it does here on Earth, at 240 meters per second compared to 340 on Earth. The was somewhat expected due to the planets composition, however the results weren’t nearly as slow as was predicted. Turns out, the speed of sound varies on Mars depending on the pitch of the frequency. Read more about the implications on right here

Toyota Reveals 3 Cylinder, AWD, 300hp GR Corolla

Toyota finally took the lid off their hotly anticipated hottest of hot hatches, the GR Corolla. The pint sized bruiser gets a 1.6 liter 3 cylinder turbocharged engine sending 300 horsepower to all four wheels via 6 speed manual transmission. There’s a load of personality packed into thai 4 door hatchback, with a gaping front grill and vents aplenty, all sitting on a set of 18 inch matte black wheels. This one will be a hot ticket, and Toyota is aiming to make a bit less than they think they can sell, so don’t hesitate to register your interest if you’re in the market for a screaming 4 door hatchback that doesn’t have a VW badge on it. More from Toyota here.


eBay Finds: Vintage Bulova

Credit: jandj_coins

I love the vintage Bulova 23 Jewel models from the 1950’s. There were a ton of different variations, so if this one isn’t for you, there are plenty of others out there. However, it seems like so many other models, these are getting harder and harder to find. This yellow gold plate model is in good shape, and comes with the original box to boot. The case should be about 34mm wide, and has fancy hollow lugs and a semi-knurled bezel, which is quite unique. The sunbust dial and dauphine hands are the signature look of the Bulova 23 Jewel line, and both are in excellent condition. This auction doesn’t show the movement, but the automatic 23jewel beauty had six adjustments, similar to most Chronometer movements. Great style, quality, in-house highly adjusted movement and sunburst textured dial all add up to some excellent vintage goodness!

View auction here.

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