Watches, Stories, & Gear: Catherine O’Hara, Signals from Space & the DeLorean

Get A Sneak Peek At Peter Jackson’s Beatles Documentary

If you’ve got a touch of the holiday blues (and who could blame you, given the year we’ve all been through) may I suggest taking five minutes out of your day and watching this footage from Get Back a new documentary on the making of Let it Be, the Beatles’ final album. DIrected by Peter Jackson (yes, the same Peter Jackson behind Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), the film takes the best of over 50 hours of previously unseen footage from the sessions and promises to cast what were previously thought of as fairly tense studio sessions in a new light. The footage seen here is remarkable, and captures unguarded moments between the Fab Four that are sure to put a smile on the face of old and new fans alike.


Upgrade your PC With a Little Help From …KFC?

If you’re struggling to get 60fps out of Cyberpunk 2077 on your current rig, some help has arrived from an unexpected source. The fast food chain KFC has taken their chicken bucket design and transformed it into a small PC form that will also keep your chicken hot in the ‘chicken chamber’ finally finding a good use for the heat generated by the CPU and GPU under load. Specs are unclear as of yet but it’s rocking intel silicon and an RTX GPU of some sort (given the size wew doubt it’s a 30 series card, so maybe no guarantee on the 60fps in CP2077). The KFConsole is a thing, and will be offered to the public, though firm specs and pricing are as yet unannounced.

Did We Just Find A Signal Coming From Our Nearest Star?

Photograph: CSIRO/PR IMAGE

It’s been an odd but exciting year when it comes to news from space. First we got wind of potential life on Venus (though to be clear, the jury is still very much out on that one), collected samples of an asteroid and returned them to earth (nice work, JAXA!), and now, a potential signal coming from our nearest star, Proxima Centauri. As they say, it’s never aliens, until it is. There’s a lot left to unpack with this finding, but it’s being called the most promising signal since the famous “Wow!” signal recorded in 1977. The odds of this being sent by intelligent life are on the low side (to put it optimistically), but hey, we’ll learn a lot in the process of figuring it out. Here’s to betting on the long odds.

A DeLorean For The 21st Century

Credit: Ángel Guerra

The DMC DeLorean cemented its place in culture with appearances in the Back to the Future trilogy, and the hijinks of the brand’s owner only served to add a dash of infamy to the mix. The performance may have been nothing to write home about, but the design has become an icon. In celebration of the car’s 40th anniversary, which lands in 2021, Spanish car designer Ángel Guerra has given the design a reworking for the 21st century. The result is as striking as the original, and thoroughly modern with a hint of ‘80s nostalgia mixed in. All that’s missing is a pair of self-lacing Air Mags. 

(from Designbloom via Cool Hunting)

Rolling Stone Interviews Catherine O’Hara

Schitt’s Creek has become a phenomenon over the last few years, and with good reason. But the fact there’s a generation of viewers who see Catherine O’Hara on screen don’t immediately think Home Alone or Best in Show baffles my 1990s brain. And then there are folks who will always associate her with SCTV, which had its heyday a generation before. The fact is, Catherine O’Hara has been a part of some of the funniest comedy projects for going on fifty years, and if you’re a fan of laughing, you should take a few minutes and check out this recently published Rolling Stone interview with the comedy legend. And if you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan who hasn’t seen Waiting for Guffman, be sure to check that out ASAP as well.

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