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The Secret To Packing Like A Pro


I would say that we’ve got it down pat when it comes to traveling with our watches. But what about just packing in general? Wish I could say I was as savvy with packing my carry-on luggage as I am with tucking my watches away in a watch roll. I’ve tried to neatly fold, but then that leads to creases. I’ve tried to roll, but somehow I end up losing track of where everything is. And packing a heavy jacket when throwing it on for the plane ride can’t be an option, forget about it. 

Well the folks over at Valetmag may have found a one stop solution to make packing for your next trip a breeze. They’re called packing cubes. I’m sure these have been around for quite some time, but I wasn’t aware of them until now. These different sized packing cubes can neatly store your clothes, separate all your essentials into different sections, and compress bigger items so that your luggage won’t look overweight, literally and figuratively. If this makes one less thing to worry about while traveling, then I’m all for it. Check out the article and their selection of packing cubes here.

Under An Arctic Sky

Under An Arctic Sky is a film that I usually re-watch around this time of year. Chris Burkard, a world renowned adventure photographer, story-teller and surfer, is the man behind the lens. He and his group of friends journey through remote parts of Iceland in search of a record swell and the elusive Northern Lights. The weather in Iceland can be unforgiving and unpredictable, which the group experiences firsthand. From charging through white out blizzard conditions in a Land Rover Defender, to the subzero water temperatures they would find themselves surfing in, the group powers through it all with persistence, friendship and the hopes of finding an undiscovered wave. Check out the trailer below.

Vacuum Sealed Container From 1972 Moon Landing Set To Be Opened


In a rather insightful move, NASA left some containers filled with moon samples sealed in hopes that future generations would be better equipped to analyze them without the risk of contaminating (as well as have further technological insights). We’re about to put that to the test by piercing one such container to extract the gasses as part of the ongoing Apollo Next-Generation Sample Analysis (ANGSA). Collecting those gases, which were collected by Gene Cernan on the moon in 1972, presents some unique challenges that scientists had to design around by creating something aptly named the ‘Apollo Can Opener’. Read about the process from the ESA right here.

Is Audi Set To Enter Formula 1?

Audi Formula E car

Future Formula 1 grids are about to get a bit more interesting with the possible addition of Audi to the mix. The German manufacture has sent a letter to the FIA confirming their intent to join Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault, effectively filling the gap created by the departure of Honda this year, whos engines powered the WDC winning* car of Max Verstappen. Audi’s decision comes on the heels of an announcement that engines will retain their 1.6l V6 footprint, and do away with the expensive MGU-H (a complex part that harvested energy from exhaust heat). The team will likely enter with the new regulations taking effect in 2026. Now the question is whether or not Porsche will join them. Here’s hoping.


Imaging Atoms With Unprecedented Resolution

Credit: Cornell University

Atoms are small, like really really small, and notoriously difficult to capture accurately. Physicists at Cornell University have taken a leap in imaging by increasing the resolution of an electron microscope with an algorithm called ptychography, which scans overlapping patterns looking for changes. “With these new algorithms, we’re now able to correct for all the blurring of our microscope to the point that the largest blurring factor we have left is the fact that the atoms themselves are wobbling, because that’s what happens to atoms at finite temperature” says Professor David Muller. See the findings as published in the journal, Science.

eBay Finds: Vintage Ben Hogan Timex

credit: hglimited

To quote the great Monty Python……”And now for something completely different.” Slim pickin’s this time of year I find on eBay, but here’s a great and unique piece to add to any collection, especially if you’re a golfer. This vintage Timex Ben Hogan golf watch is super cool. Designed like a tiny travel clock, the unique folding case has a built-in clip so you can clip it to your belt while playing golf. This way you can click open the clamshell case and see what time it is between holes. I believe these were designed so you wouldn’t harm your (most likely non- shock protected) wrist watch by swinging your arms when hitting a ball. So when you would head out to the links, you clip this bad boy to your belt instead of strapping your watch to your wrist, and you’re good to go. This gem has a nice cream dial with long faded lume numerals and lume filled hands. It folds into a nice faux alligator skin covered case, which is just so old-school cool. It appears to be in all original and excellent condition too. Nice and unique piece!

View auction here.

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