Watches, Stories, & Gear: Tactile Turn’s First Flashlight, a Green Dialed Vulcain Chronograph, and the Final Trailer for 3 Body Problem Arrives

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A New Dial Color for Vulcain’s Vintage Inspired Chronograph 

Vulcain’s Chronograph 1970s really nails a very specific time in watchmaking history, with a classic two register layout and sizing that evokes classic vintage pieces (it’s 38mm in diameter and about 12mm tall). Now, in addition to silver, blue, black, and salmon dials, Vulcain has just launched a new model in a verdant green with silver subdials. It’s undeniably nice looking, and gives a vintage inspired chrono just a little taste of something contemporary with a color that’s very much of the moment. They’re available to order now via Vulcain’s website, with a retail price set at CHF 2,500. More information here.

WorldTempus on the “Women in Watchmaking” Trope

An editorial with a provocative title in WorldTempus caught our attention this week: “Can we please stop talking about women in watchmaking?” Writer Sophie Furley takes a position in the piece that we tend to follow here at Worn & Wound, which is one that posits all experts in the field should be treated exactly the same, and that the best way to close any gender divide in the industry is to shine a light on the accomplishments of female watchmakers, executives, and so on, without framing these stories as gender specific. It’s certainly no secret to us that there many accomplished women in the watch industry, and our goal will always be to celebrate what they do in the same way we would for men in the industry. As Furley points out in her piece, nobody is writing about “the best male watchmakers” or similar, and she makes a convincing case this is the standard we should hold up for women as well. 

Tactile Turn Introduces their First Flashlight 

We’re pretty big fans of Tactile Turn pens and knives, so we thought we’d tell you about their latest, which is an entirely new category for the Texas based brand. The Apollo is Tactile Turn’s first flashlight, and it would appear to slot in nicely with the brand’s other products, bearing the same distinctive finishing and precision machining. The Apollo is a 3.6 inch flashlight that outputs up to 520 lumens, and is machined entirely in Tactile Turn’s Dallas facility. While it’s currently sold out, you can elect to be notified of restocks right here. The retail price is $299. 

Kim Gordon’s Film Influences 

Kim Gordon, a cofounding member of Sonic Youth and a true indie rock legend, just released her latest solo album, “The Collective,” about a week ago. To mark the occasion she’s been chosen as a featured curator for this month on Galerie, the new online film club from the Indian Paintbrush production studio, perhaps most widely known for releasing many films by director Wes Anderson. Gordon’s picks as curator reveal the wide range of influences on her art, and reflect a deep love of independent cinema. She wrote about some of her selections for Variety here, which include multiple films by Olivier Assayas, and a modern classic from Lynne Ramsay. All are solid recommendations, and it’s great to read Gordon’s insight into each film.  

The Final Trailer for 3 Body Problem 

This is an exciting time to be a science fiction fan. With Dune Part Two currently in theaters, many are claiming we’re entering a new era of intelligent sci-fi aimed at mature audiences who might have outgrown comic book adaptations. With that in mind, Netflix is finally set to release the long awaited adaptation of the bestselling 3 Body Problem series, with a final trailer hitting the internet last week. This is one of the most admired pieces of science fiction writing of its generation, so to say there’s a lot riding on the series is an understatement. It’s an absolutely massive story, and if the series is even a fraction as complex as the books, thematically, emotionally, and in terms of the plot, this will be a major television event. It’s also the long awaited follow up to Game of Thrones from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, so there will be a lot of eyes on the series when it premieres on March 21. 

Big I Design Launches the Lookout

Big I Design, a company who entered the EDC sector by manufacturing pens, has launched a new, front-pocket carry fixed-blade called the Lookout. Designed to mimic the iconic Lookout mountain in their home city of Chattanooga, TN, the blade features a 2.2″ cutting edge with an overall length of 6.2″. 

The Lookout is Big I Design’s first fixed blade model in an impressive line of EDC items.  Available now on Kickstarter, the Lookout comes in 6 variations; 2 blade steel options (M390 and Magnacut), and 4 handle scale materials (Black G10, Tumbled Ultem, Tiger Wood, and Titanium). Each Lookout will ship with both a left and right handed sheath and one custom designed titanium pocket clip. Whether you’re interested in a new fixed blade or just want to visit the “one stop titanium EDC shop,” be sure to check out Big I Design’s impressive offerings.

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