worn&wound Seeks New Talent!

It’s been five years since we first launched worn&wound. In that time, we have grown tremendously, from the content we put out on a daily basis to the products we sell in our shop. Central to that growth is our family of talented writers, without whose contribution the website would not be what it is today.

WW_HIGHCRAFT_MANUFACTURING_LOGOS_1Always striving to improve, we’re looking to grow our group of contributors. Specifically, we’re looking for people with the following traits:

1. This almost goes without saying, but you have to have a love and appreciation for watches. Talent is important, but so is passion, and we really want people who are ardent watch nuts. Consume watch news on a daily basis? Great. An avid collector? Perfect. Tinker with movements on weekends? Awesome! We want to hear from you.

2. You have to love writing. You need to be able to convey information and your ideas in a clear and concise manner that is structured, engaging and easy to consume. Your love of watches should come across in your prose.

3. You must be detail oriented. Whether reviewing a watch or doing a historical write up about some obscure reference, your work must be thorough and well-researched.

4. You should bring new ideas to the table. You should be proactive in thinking about content and article ideas and bringing those ideas to us. If you think we’re doing something that can be done better, we want you to let us know!

5. You should be reliable and punctual. Ideally, we want somebody who can submit an article on a weekly schedule.

Bonus: let us know if you’re in NYC and if you know your way around a camera—we value quality photography. These two aren’t requirements, so do not let them deter you from applying.

To apply, please send an email to info(at)wornandwound(dot)com with the subject line w&w contributor, and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would like to write for worn&wound. Include your other interests—e.g. if you’re into style and gear, we want you to let us know. Additionally, you must submit two writing samples that best showcase your ability and style.

We’re excited to hear from you!

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