worn&wound’s Wind^Up Watch Fair 2016 Recap (Video and Gallery)

Without a doubt, this year’s Wind^Up—worn&wound’s annual watch fair—was one of the highlights of 2016. When we set out to create Wind^Up, the intention was twofold. First, we wanted to give the brands we champion here on w&w a platform to get out in front of a live audience. Second, and perhaps even more important, we wanted to create a comfortable space for people—including those who might otherwise never step a foot inside a watch boutique—to come in off the street and handle some really great timepieces. No pomp. No white gloves. Just a fun, pressure-free environment for everyone to play with some great watches.

It worked. Over 15,000 of you came to the Chelsea Market space, a significant leap from the first year’s event held in SoHo. The feedback from the audience and the brands presenting was overwhelmingly positive, and it’s given us some great ideas for the next one.

20161022-windup2016-012Speaking of brands, we grew this year’s event to 30 vendors, up from 18 the previous year. In part, because the bigger space allowed for more brands to participate. But we also wanted to increase the variety of watches and accessories on display so that Wind^Up would appeal to more than just hardcore watch connoisseurs.

We would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors who helped make this year’s Wind^Up possible: Oris (lead sponsor), Analog/Shift, MK II Watches and Van Brauge. Also, big thanks to our friends over at RedBar for putting together the after-party and for keeping the libations flowing.

We’re really looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, we put together a video and gallery showcasing the event. Enjoy!

Photography by Anita Ng. Additional photography by Steve Laughlin.

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Blake is a co-founder of Worn & Wound. He spends most of his time focused on day-to-day operations and producing the Windup Watch Fair. You'll most often find him wearing one of Worn & Wound's Limited Edition watches.