Yema Launches Kickstarter For New In-House Movements

Yema has announced an expansion to their in-house movement offerings with the introduction of the YEMA2000 and YEMA3000, along with a pair of watches to house them. This isn’t quite a straightforward product launch, however, as Yema is going the Kickstarter route to fund the production of these movements and watches. The campaign officially kicks off on the 15th of October, and participation in it will get you access to these watches at a significant discount over their eventual MSRP.

The new movements are built on the same architecture developed for the MBP1000 caliber, which Yema released back in 2011. Upgrades have been made to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the movement, though details on how they’ve managed that remain scarce at the moment. The new movements beat at 4Hz and will keep time within a daily rate of +/- 10 seconds a day. Coupled with the 42 hours of power reserve and quick set date, you’ve got an attractive overall package that competes nicely with the likes of an ETA 2824 or Miyota 9015 (on paper, at least).

The YEMA2000 caliber is a 3-hander with date complication and will go into a steel Superman with bronze bezel and crown. Yema is offering plenty of options here, as the case can be had in either 39 or 41mm diameters, matched to a dial of grey or green, and to a leather or tropic strap. Regardless of how you spec yours, the price for this model during the Kickstarter campaign will be $545.

The YEMA3000 adds a GMT hand and will go into a full bronze Superman, also offered in either 39mm or 41mm sizing, and on a leather or tropic strap. Dial options here are blue or black, both featuring a lighter value at their center. It’s unclear whether the GMT complication is set in conjunction with the hour hand or if it’s independently adjustable. The price for the Superman GMT will be $749 during the Kickstarter campaign in each of its configurations. 

Each of the Superman watches containing these new calibers will be limited to 1,948 examples when the Kickstarter campaign launches on October 15th. Shipping is scheduled to begin in February of 2021. You can learn more about the campaign on Kickstarter right here.

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