2 New Nixons


I am a fan of the Nixon product line. They are unique, well made and innovative in their use of materials and finishes. Though I have only owned 2 of their products (an all red Time Teller P, and all blue one too) I believe that the quality of these two watches… the cheapest in their line… speaks miles for caliber of the brand.

Well, Nixon has just released some new watches for summer, and a couple caught my eye. First is just a new color-way of their 42-20/51-30 chronos called “Raw Steel”. As the name implies, it looks like it was cut from a slab of raw steel…in all the best ways. The picture alone looks like it weighs ten pounds, like the crown is a workout to turn, and like the bezel clicks with the sound of a hammer striking. Though I have yet to hold one in person, if it lives up to have my expectations, then it will be something to behold. MSRP is $450…Raw Steel is also available on the “Private SS”  and “Chronicle SS”  models for $140 and $350 respectively.

The second new and shiny object is called “The Axis”. It is a square shaped chronograph with a minimal amount of detailing and generally retro aesthetic. What makes this watch standout from the crowd is the horizontal layout of the chrono dials…hence the name “Axis”.  Laid out sec, min, hr; the straight layout lends itself to easy reading…but more importantly, a slick look that would feel at home on Don Draper’s wrist. Available in four color-ways, the MSRP ranges from $250 – $300.

check them out at Nixon’s website

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