3 Standouts at the Backbone Media Spring Showcase: Gerber, Wiley X, and Thule

Backbone Media has been a long-standing force in the outdoor industry as a media and PR agency representing some of our most beloved gear brands. Each spring they bring a curated selection of their clientele to NYC for their Spring Showcase. The Worn & Wound team was on the scene and here are 3 standout products that we couldn’t stop talking about.

Gerber – ComplEAT Cook Set 

We likely all know the Portland, OR-based brand Gerber for their multitools, as well as their folding and fixed blades. However, their new modular camping cook and dining set was a show-stealer. The 16-piece ComplEAT Cook Set has everything you need to easily feed a group of hungry campers. It features a stock pot and sauté pan, both with generous cooking surfaces.

The dining set comes with space-maximizing designs that complement their custom utensil sets perfectly. Best of all, when it’s time to break camp, everything packs together in the storage bag for ultra-compact stowing between destinations.

Wiley X – WX Founder Sunglasses

It’s not only great to visit Backbone’s Spring Showcase to see what’s new from some of your favorite brands, it’s great for discovering new brands as well. One of those discoveries for us was the sunglasses brand Wiley X out of Texas. They have been creating tactical and safety lenses for military and tactical use since 1987 and now have a stylish line of daily use sunglasses that don’t sacrifice any of the safety and ballistic ratings of their professional use models. Their WX Founder models stood out to us in particular. So for those of you who look for the gear that’s used in the field by professional operators around the world or you just want a sweet pair of shades, definitely check out Wiley X.

Thule – Outset Trailer Hitch Tent

Though it’s not an EDC item, Thule’s new Outset tent was a surprising addition to the showcase. Who doesn’t like the look of a cool overlander with a rooftop tent? However, there are some drawbacks to that particular style of sleeper. Once a rooftop tent is set up, you need to collapse it again before doing a quick day drive. As campers age, the ladders to rooftop tents can be a challenge and forget about getting a dog up there.


But the Thule Outset solves all that with a rollout build and a hitch mounted base, anyone can set it up and climb in with ease. Best of all, once built, you can simply leave it behind at your campsite to drive to your daytime destinations.

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Kyle Snarr is a marketer and creative consultant who has worked with digital platforms and publications such as Vox, The Verge, Eater, Flipboard, Gear Patrol, and is now Head of Partnerships at Worn & Wound. He’s also the co-founder of the accessory brand Cantonment. Kyle lives just outside of NYC and spends his free time car-spotting, gear collecting, and camping with his wife and their four kids.

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