8 Thin Watches Just In Time For Fall, and All Under $1,500

Now that the weather has cooled a bit and fall feels like it’s finally fallen (at least that’s the case here in NYC), it’s time to dust off those long sleeves, sweaters, layers, and jackets from their summer-long hibernation. And if you’re anything like me, then you also have a whole box of leather straps you’ve been dying to dig into all summer long. Of course, now that you’re wearing proper long sleeves, it may be time to give your favorite chunky summertime diver a rest for something a touch more svelte. Something that can easily slide under a shirt cuff, and something that looks great paired with a leather strap. That’s why today we’re looking at 8 watches that all measure 10mm thick or less, look great on leather, and, of course, don’t break the bank. So no, you’re not going to get haute horlogerie ultra-thin watches here, but pieces that skew slimmer than what you normally see with many mainstream modern watches. Let’s get to it.


Autodromo Group B Series 2

Thickness: 10mm
Price: $975

Taking things in a slightly more retro-futuristic direction is Autodromo’s Group B Series 2, a collection of watches that draw from 1980s rally car races bearing the same name (and the followup to the initial Group B releases from Autodromo some years back). The biggest difference between the first Group B and the Series 2 is the inclusion of a flat-link bracelet with the latter, whereas the former only had fixed bars. But one of the best things about the Series 2 over its predecessor is that it can take on two-piece leather straps, and this watch looks awesome on leather. Plus, it wears even closer to the wrist when it’s on leather, so it actually feels slimmer than its 10mm thickness would have you believe possible.

Check it out here

Farer Stanhope

Thickness: 8.3mm
Price: $1,165

At only 8.3mm in thickness, the Farer Stanhope is the second slimmest watch on the list. Since it has a hand-winding ETA 7001 movement inside, a notably thin caliber, Farer is able to keep everything svelte since there’s no automatic rotor to consider. The wide, barrel-style case measures in at 37mm, which makes the entire watch rather compact, and the textured, colorful dial keeps the whole thing from looking too simple.  This one is a real winner.

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Pelton Sector

Thickness: 9.9mm
Price: $1,499

Detroit-based Pelton prides themselves on making as much of their watches as they can in the USA, and the Sector is no exception. Regardless of where it’s made, the Sector is a stunning timepiece, with finishing that far exceeds what one would expect for the price. At a hair under 10mm, this one makes for a great dress watch, but it’s worth noting that it also has 100 meters of water resistance, so this isn’t a fragile little thing.

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Damasko DS30

Thickness: 9.95mm
Price: $963

Damasko’s DS30 is a true tool watch, boasting some serious specs in a slimmed down and comfortable case that wears great on the wrist. At 9.95mm thick and a conservative 39mm in diameter, the DS30 is seriously thin for a proper tool watch, which really makes it somewhat unique in its niche. It also features a matte submarine steel case for extra durability, and comes equipped with many of Damasko’s in-house patented technologies, among them their ultra durable crown. There are several variants of the DS30, many of them featuring a pop of color on the seconds hand and date wheel, a little detail you may come to appreciate on those more sober autumn days.

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Junghans Form A

Thickness: 9.5mm
Price: $995

This sleek, minimalist timepiece from the beloved German brand is deceptively complex. When looking at the Form A in profile, you’ll notice the sides of the case slope inwards. The result is a watch that looks even thinner than it is, so while it measures 9.5mm thick (which is actually great for an automatic watch), it looks even thinner than that on the wrist. All that aside, this one’s a real looker, with a nicely balanced dial featuring a design that makes this one a bit of a chameleon — it’s a watch that can be dressed up or down. If you’re after something more on the minimal side, the Junghans Form A is a great choice.

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Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic Mk III

Thickness: 9.9mm
Price: $565

The Malvern is Christopher Ward’s take on a dressier everyday watch. For the Mk III, Christopher Ward implemented their new “lightcatcher” case geometry. The name is no joke — their new cases look simply stunning as they play with the light, and, on the wrist, the Malvern will look even slimmer because the caseback hangs down below the mid-case. At 39.9mm in diameter and only 9.9mm thick, the Malvern still has some wrist presence for  a classically-styled piece while remaining relatively slim.

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Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Thickness: 9.75mm
Price: $495

If you’re looking for a watch with some proper retro vibes, then look no further than the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical. Modeled after vintage military watches once produced by Hamilton, the Khaki Mechanical is an everyday piece that’s perfect for daily wear. Measuring in at 38mm, it also hits a sweet spot for wrists of all sizes — seriously, I’ve seen this watch look great on a number of different people with wrists both big and small. Additionally, Hamilton’s H-50 hand-winding movement gives it an impressive 80 hours of power reserve, quite the feat at just $495, making this one an incredible value.

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Nomos Tangente 33 Duo

Thickness: 6.5mm
Price: $1,440

Nomos benefits greatly from making their movements in-house, and the brand has long focused on making calibers and watches that run on the thinner side of things. The Tangente Duo is a classic two-hand watch that’s all-dial on the wrist (so no need to worry about that 33mm diameter — it wears bigger), and with it Nomos is able to achieve a stunning 6.5mm thickness in a hand-wound mechanical watch. So, if you’re looking for one of the slimmest watches in this price range, and one with an in-house movement on top of it, then this Nomos is a no-brainer.

Check it out here

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