Accutron Spaceview Gets Modern Evolution

Accutron revived their famous electrostatic movement with a modern Spaceview in 2020, tapping into a heap of nostalgia in the process. This year, the Spaceview is getting its first major update with the release of the Spaceview Evolution, pushing the aesthetic concepts of the watch into new territory. The new variants retain every bit of the drama embraced by the original (both from the ‘60s, and from 2020), and dial up the ‘style’ factor thanks to some new finishes and color schemes that compliment the exposed components of the electrostatic movement. It remains as polarizing as ever, which is a refreshing move these days. 

The new Spaceview Evolution offers a pair of new flavors that bring a light and a dark appearance to the platform. The biggest shift you’ll notice right off the bat is the rotated orientation of everything on the dial. This is due to the 30° counter clockwise rotation of the movement, which alters the dial layout, and moves the crown from the 3 o’clock position to the 2 o’clock position. The move opens up the top portion of the dial a bit further, bunching the three large apertures into the bottom dial’s bottom half.


In addition to the layout rotation, the bridge work that frames the exposed areas of the movement, as well as the chapter ring at the perimeter, have received a healthy dose of finishing work, both to their surface and to their edges. The sprawling framing bridge shape gets a guilloche look with diamond polished bevels, while the bridge over the movement apertures themselves get a linear brush for maximum contrast against the decorated bits. The new dial is frantic, but cohesive, and while I wouldn’t call it highly legible, this is a watch that boasts a more conceptual experience to appreciate. 

Because of this, the slightly large case size of 43.5mm feels appropriate to make the most of the scene without overcrowding. This watch is dramatic to the max and the size is a big part of the reason. That crazy movement has the room it needs to breathe here, and domed box sapphire frames everything for easy viewing. If you found the first Spaceview from 2020 a bit jarring, the new Evolution isn’t likely to smooth things over, but if you were looking for that concept to be turned up to 11, you’ll be right at home here. 

Inside, Accutron is still using their own electrostatic movement, which comes to life brilliantly on the dial utilizing electrostatic energy. It provides a truly smooth sweeping seconds hand and accuracy of +/- 5 seconds a month. Incredibly impressive stuff, and while the Spaceview concept aligns with the original design ethos from the ‘60s, I’d be keen to see this utilized across genres, as well. 

The new Spaceview Evolution is priced at $3,950, and is available now from Accutron.

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