An NYC Windup Watch Fair Product Preview!

The NYC Windup Watch Fair is just a week away! If you’ve been following along, you know this is the largest Windup Watch Fair yet, with over 60 brands, special live events, giveaways, and a whole lot more. There will be hundreds of watches, watch accessories, and EDC items on display to try on and purchase. You don’t want to miss it. As a reminder, here are the key event details:

The Altman Building – 135 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
Friday, October 21: 12PM – 6PM
Saturday, October 22: 12PM – 6PM
Sunday, October 23: 12PM – 5PM
Free and open to the public

Here’s a sneak preview of just some of the watches you’ll be able to get your hands on at the Fair. For a full roster of presenting brands, scheduled events, and a product showcase, head to


Since 1861, the town of Schramberg, Germany, nestled sleepily in the Black Forest, has been home to one of the greatest names in German watchmaking: Junghans. For over a century and a half, the brand has produced a stunning array of watches and clocks for almost every conceivable application, from egg timers to cockpit clocks for Bf-109 fighter aircraft. Today, their collection reflects this heritage with a focus on sleek minimalism, with a healthy dose of mid-century style.

At the NYC Windup Watch Fair, you’ll have the chance to check out a wide range of contemporary Junghans pieces, including the Max Bill Automatic Bauhaus, Meister Chronoscope, Max Bill Chronoscope, and much more.

Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward is considered the pioneer of the affordable, independent, direct-to-consumer watch brand. Highly regarded for their value-drive, Swiss-made watches, Christopher Ward is now a horological force to be reckoned with. With their own in-house calibers, complications, first-in-class cases, and seemingly unstoppable creativity, Christopher Ward has shown the traditional world of watchmaking that there is room for new ideas, ushering in a whole generation of brands.

Christopher Ward has been on a tear over the past several years, releasing a slew of watches ranging from fun and ephemeral to technically sophisticated. Be sure to check out their full line at the Windup Watch Fair, including the C60 Trident Pro 300, C65 Sandhurst Series 2, and C63 Sealander GMT.


Since 1882, Zodiac Watches has been a truly innovative force in the world of watchmaking. Founded by Ariste Calame in Le Locle, Switzerland, Zodiac was a pioneer in the worlds of automatic watches, “mystery” watches, electronic and even quartz watches. Now, under the wing of Fossil, Zodiac has been working hard to bring this rich history to the surface by recreating their iconic timepieces to new standards. Affordable, luxurious timepieces, Zodiac watches perfectly straddle the line between vintage style and modern functionality.

Zodiac will have a number of brand new releases on hand at the Windup Watch Fair, including the recently released Super Sea Wolf GMT “Blueberry” as well as at least two additional yet-to-be-released models.


The rich history of Oris dates back to 1904, when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the brand in Hölstein, Switzerland, where it is still based. Over the past century, Oris has reached many great achievements, including being one of the 10 largest watch brands in the world in the 1960’s. After the quartz crisis took its toll on the Swiss watch industry, Oris reemerged as an independent brand, a status it still maintains to this day, with a focus solely on mechanical timepieces, bucking the trends of the day.

Be sure to hit up the Oris booth at the Windup Watch Fair to check out their popular ProPilot X, Big Crown Wings of Hope Limited Edition, and Aquis New York Harbor Limited Edition.


G-SHOCK was born from a simple idea — a watch should not break when dropped. Back in 1983, the original square-shaped DW-5000C was created after Kikuo Ibe witnessed a child bouncing a rubber ball. It struck him that a watch floating within a rubber case would be impervious to shocks. After a bunch of testing and design with toughness in mind, the brand was born. Nearly 35 years and hundreds of models later, G-SHOCK is still best known for being some of the toughest, hard-wearing watches that money can buy.

Check out a wide selection of G-SHOCK’s ultra-tough watches at the Windup Watch Fair, including the latest from the 5600, 2100, and MUDMASTER lines.

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