Announcing new Model 2 and Mil-Strap Colors


Today we’re excited to announce some new color additions to our line of American-made watch accessories and the return of our leather pass-through Mil-Straps. After a short hiatus, we’ve brought back these classic military straps made out of rugged American leathers. Not for the faint of heart, these thick, double layered bad boys add a hefty amount of material to your watch, making them bigger and bolder. Recommended for adding some style to your tool pilot and dive watches.


Now let’s talk the new colors we’re dropping for our Model 2 and Mil-Strap lines; Navy, Natural and Color 8. All three of these leathers are made by Chicago’s famous Horween Tannery and are part of their famous Chromexcel line. Known for it’s comfort, saturated colors and pull-up effects, Chromexcel leathers are exceptionally gorgeous.



The Navy Horween Chromexcel has a dark, blue color that can appear like a faded black or a rich blue depending on the light. The Navy is particularly versatile and a nice alternative to browns and blacks, and really makes light dials pop, while adding a subtle play in tone with dark dials. We left the edges of the Navy unfinished, showing the brown core, which adds a touch of contrast and rugged appeal. The Navy has been finished with natural hand knotted thread on both our Model 2 and Mil-Strap.



The Natural Chromexcel Horween has a medium, neutral brown color with an almost caramel tone that ages to a dark tobacco. It has a very prominent pull-up effect, where the oils in the leather migrate to reveal lighter colors, for a very dynamic finish. The magic of Chromexcel Natural is in how it ages and patinas, gaining a unique and unpredictable character. The Natural has been finished with natural thread, for an organic, tone-on-tone palette. Not to play favorites, but since getting these, I’ve had a hard time taking them off of my own watches.

Color 8


The Color 8 Chromexcel Horween has a dark, burgundy color that can appear near-black to a dark cherry depending on the light. Color 8 is perhaps Horween’s most famous color, loved for its sophisticated, masculine tone. This goes great with dark or light dials, on dress or sport watches. We left the edges of the Color 8 unfinished as well for a more natural look. The Color 8 has been finished with gray thread, for a dark overall palette.


All three of these new colors are available now in our Model 2 range in 18, 20 and 22mm, as well as in our Mil-Strap range in 20 and 22mm; $65. We also brought back our Russet Mil-Strap, which you can grab here.

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