Introducing 24mm Model 1s and new colors too


The last of our new deliveries are in. We’ve come out with a lot of stuff this year, and this batch is mostly new colors of some of our favorite styles. To start, we made something that has been requested of us for a long time… 24mm Model 1 straps. Our rugged, thick, all leather Model 1’s are the perfect strap for your bigger, tougher watches. Luxurious, but hard wearing, they look great and age beautifully… My Damasko DC66 and Sinn 156 rarely are without them. So, it only made sense to add 24mm widths to the collection to support those big bad dive watches (when on land) like Panerais and their ilk. Available in all colors, save Russet and Coal (for the time being).


We’re also adding a bunch of new colors to our various lines. First up is Moss. Available in our Model 1, Model 2 and Mil-Strap collections, Moss is made of a Horween Chromexcel leather with a earthy green/brown color. It’s sort of in-between both, like a swath of forest tones in one hue. It’s also has a very strong “pull-up” effect, where the oils migrates within the leather when it’s stressed. This makes the leather change color and get brighter. The color that comes out looks amazing against faded lume. For our Model 1 Moss, we went with dark olive edges and thread, and a contrasting Rye keeper. For our Model 2 and Mil-Strap Moss’ we kept the edges raw and used tan/natural thread to bring out the brighter tones within.


Next we have Natural Derby. This intense veg tanned leather by Horween is perhaps the most dramatic we’ve used. It’s a bright tan color, but what makes it so interesting is its grain. Across the leather are wild swatches of swirling browns and brighter, more orange tans. No surface is flat, and it all has a light pebbling to it. With this leather, no two pieces are alike, making every strap unique. Derby will be available in our Model 1 and Mil-Strap lines to start. For the Model 1 we went with dark brown edges and thread, and a Navy keeper, to subtly add a contrasting cool tone. For our Mil-Strap we went with black thread and raw edges, for a simple and clean execution.


Last for our new colors, we have Rust. Made from the same series of Horween leather as our Russet, Chamois Chromexcel, the Rust is a matte, rugged leather. It’s similar in tone to the Russet, but with a strong under current of orange throughout. As the leather bends, the nap gets scuffed and the angle of light changes, more orange comes out creating a very dynamic range of colors. This one should look particularly awesome with age. We are initially only making our Model 2 straps with the Rust leather. We paired them with waxed grey linen thread that adds to the masculine appeal.


Additionally we’ve added Crimson to our growing range of Single Pass straps and Color 8 to our Model 1s. One of our favorite leathers, the Crimson’s blood red color looks striking on the Single Pass’s straight cut design. As the leather bends over the lugs, the brighter red tones within come up and then naturally fade down the strap for an almost sunburst effect. It’s very cool.


The Color 8 is a staple color that we just love. The famous burgundy leather has a rich, dark tone that is a great change of pace from classic browns. For the Model 1, we went with matching edge, which creates very clean, minimal lines. We then added gray thread and a Coal keeper.


And that’s that for 2015! Along with out AVI-8 x w&w watch, Single Pass straps in Shell Cordovan and Horween leathers, our Cone Mills Selvage Denim and the analog/shift collaboration Watch Rolls, our Key Chain Strap Changing Tool…not to forget a bunch of new Model 2 colors, it’s been a pretty big year for our shop! Next year will hopefully be even more exciting.

Everything announced here is available now at and will also be available in person this weekend at the Pop Up Flea.

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