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Happy 4th of July, America, and happy Tuesday to the rest of you tuning in. We’re off for the day, but we’re not going to leave you guys hanging. Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite content covering American brands focused on production right here in the States, from a small company out of Colorado repurposing old American calibers, to an artisan out of the Southwest handmaking beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Quick reminder: our July 4th sale is currently ongoing and will end tonight at midnight EST. Head on over to and use code JULY42017 at checkout to receive 15% off  straps, cases, and tools.

Ian Schon talks American Watchmaking on The worn&wound Podcast

In episode 10 of The worn&wound Podcast, we sat down with Ian Schon of Schon DSGN to discuss engineering, design, and watch manufacturing in America, and what the future might hold in store for American watchmakers. Click here for more.

“Engineered Sculpture”: Geoffrey Roth Brings New Materials to Watchmaking in the American Southwest

With nearly 20 years under his belt producing intriguing pieces that are equal parts sculpture, jewelry, and timepiece, Geoffrey Roth has been making watches unlike anything else you’ll see on the market. Our own Christian Alexandersen interviewed the man behind the brand. Click here for more.

A.M. Cook Wristwatch: Building American Watchmaking from the Ground Up

A.M. Cook Wristwatch is what happens when two brothers—one a professional tool and die maker and the other a WOSTEP-trained watchmaker—decide to make watches out of a small machine shop. Click here for more.

R.T. Custer of Vortic Watch Company Discusses 3D Printing and Old American Calibers on The worn&wound Podcast

Founded in 2014, Vortic is a young, Colorado-based brand focused on producing 3D-printed metal cases housing vintage pocket watch calibers from iconic, historically American makers, among them Waltham, Elgin and Ball. As it stands, Vortic timepieces—from the movements all the way down to the buckle—are 100-percent American-made. Click here for more.

American-Built: Rancourt & Co.

Okay, so this one isn’t about watches. That said, the entire worn&wound crew stands behind Rancourt footwear (we each own at least one pair), and now that we’re in the thick of summer, it might be a good time to get some hand-sewn moc-toes in the rotation. Click here for more.




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