Around the Web: Grand Seiko Tells Its History

There are truly few brands with histories as vast as Seiko’s, a company that is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the greatest horological marques both past and present. In fact, Seiko’s innovative spirit has put the Swiss on notice multiple times throughout their competitive history, from Seiko’s success at the Neuchâtel trials to the development of the quartz oscillator, the latter of which would forever change the industry.

Seiko, or rather, I should say Grand Seiko, is taking a moment to share its incredible history with an informative series slowly trickling out on its website. Dubbed “Grand Seiko: 10 stories embracing the future,” this ten-part history focuses on the development of Grand Seiko as brand from the very early days to the present.

The Grand Seiko that started it all.

As of this writing, we’re currently only three installments in, with Vol. 1 focusing on “precision” and “design.” If you’re a fan of the brand (or if you just always wanted to know the definition for Zaratsu polishing), then you’re going to want to keep tabs on this one. Grand Seiko

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