Atelier de Chronométrie Partners with The Lavish Attic on Ultra Limited AdC33

Earlier this year, we saw the debut of a new ‘in-house’ caliber from Atelier de Chronométrie called the M284 within a beautiful watch called the AdC22 which we introduced to you right here. Today we’re getting a glimpse at the next chapter for this movement in the form of the AdC33, a limited edition collaboration with The Lavish Attic, a Hong Kong based collective that curates exclusive high craft products and experiences, serving as area distributors for Urwerk and H. Moser. Here, the outfit is collaborating with Atelier de Chronométrie on an exclusive watch that offers buyers a few interesting choices, including white “Grand Feu” enamel dials with ancient Chinese characters, and an alloy called Gray Gold. 

Precious metal cases have expanded beyond the likes of just yellow and rose gold, with stuff like tantalum, black platinum, and proprietary mixes like Omega’s Moonshine offering a wide selection of pricey yet tantalizing choices when it comes to cases. Let’s add gray gold to that list, a gold alloy with high palladium content that apparently lands somewhere between white gold and platinum in appearance. In the case of the AdC33 seen here, it takes on the stepped 37mm case in beautiful fashion, and it’s offered alongside more traditional yellow and rose options.


Not to be outdone by the case, the dial brings plenty of intrigue as well thanks to its finish as well as the markings at the 3, 9, and 12 o’clock positions. The white grand feu dial is inspired by Chinese pottery, further aided by the blued steel applied Chinese antique indexes. These indexes are part of the “ancient Chinese numbers system of the Late Shang dynasty from the 14th century BC were discovered inscribed on thousands of bones and tortoise shells.” They bring a unique intrigue to this dial, and a nod to one of the earliest Chinese dynasties supported by archaeological evidence. 

Inside resides that new M284 caliber, a hand wound movement beating at a rhythmic 18,000bph on a 38 hour power reserve. Most importantly, the movement is spectacularly finished, with subtle techniques at work producing a total package befitting of the price and exclusivity. A look at the movement will reveal some serious côtes de Genève across the broad three quarter plate, and a closer look reveals polished countersinks (done by hand), straight graining, étirage des flancs, black polish and beveled screws. Overall beautiful work that extends beyond just the visible. 

Just 8 pieces of the AdC33 are planned for production, so don’t expect to run into one at your local meet up anytime soon. The price will run around 65,000 Euros for the precious metal options, though steel will also be available for those more budget conscious at around 60,000 Euros. More from The Lavish Attic and Atelier de Chronométrie.

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