Nivada Launches the F77, a Reissue of their Own 1970s Integrated Bracelet Sports Watch

It would be easy to say that Nivada Grenchen is jumping onto the integrated bracelet sports watch bandwagon with their latest release, the F77, but that would be entirely unfair and miss the point of this reissue altogether. This is a release that Nivada has been teasing on social media for months, and now that we can see the finished product, it’s pretty clear that it fits in neatly with the rest of the brand’s catalog, and is deserving of having a moment in the spotlight, irrespective of where the larger conversation is when it comes to watches in this genre. To be honest, we have been talking about integrated bracelet sports watches for so long and at such a high pitch, it’s hard to know the temperature on these in a wider context. But that’s completely fine, as it allows us to look at the F77 on its own terms. 


The first critical piece of information to know about the F77 is that like other Nivada Grenchen releases, it’s based on an actual historical piece, and falls squarely into the broad “reissue” category. Launched in 1977, it was a particularly early example of the integrated sports watch. Vintage examples are quite rare, but still remain largely under the radar, which will perhaps change as the new version makes its way onto wrists, social media, and the public consciousness. 

What we have in the new F77 is a sports watch that is largely faithful to the original version from the late 70s. Sized at just 37mm, it has an intentionally small footprint to remain faithful to the dimensions of the original. Black and midnight blue dial variants are available at launch, each with a basket weave pattern that resembles carbon fiber. As is customary for Nivada, they provide a level of customization when possible, and here the owner can choose a dial with or without a date (both use a Soprod P024 automatic movement). Nivada has also promised a “smoked brown” dial variant later this year. 

The case is 12.65mm tall, which should make it quite wearable for most. Like other integrated bracelet sports watches, the design plays with contrasts. The dial is circular, but set inside an octagonal bezel, and the stainless steel has alternating brushed and polished elements. I think you could fairly describe this as a cushion shaped case, but it has some interesting geometry, particularly where it narrows to meet the bracelet and the lugs, such as they are, appear to twist inward. 

In terms of availability, the F77 will be available for pre-order for 77 hours beginning on April 7. Pre-ordered watches will be numbered, while general release watches available later will not be. In keeping with Nivada’s goal of keeping their reissued watches affordable, the F77 carries a very competitive retail price of $1,150. More information on the watch and availability can be found at Nivada’s website here.

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