Bell & Ross Replicate a Fighter Jet’s HUD in their Latest Limited Edition

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Bell & Ross, in recent years, has really been playing up the more refined and sophisticated side of the brand. The trio of vintage military inspired watches that we told you about earlier this year, for example are a far cry from the instrument inspired square watches that the brand made a name for itself with years ago. Even the BR 05, the integrated bracelet sports watch reviewed by Zach Weiss here, had a certain flair to it even while playing off of that square watch motif. Well, with the latest Bell & Ross release, fans of the other side of the brand, the one that focuses on curious, almost avante-garde tool watches, are likely to feel like it’s their turn. This is a weird one, and it’s uniquely Bell & Ross. Let’s take a look.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 HUD 

  • Case Material: Black ceramic
  • Dial: Black
  • Dimensions: 42mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire       
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters  
  • Crown: Push/pull                      
  • Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.302. Automatic mechanical.
  • Strap/bracelet: Rubber
  • Price: ~ $3,990
  • Reference Number: BR0392-HUD-CE/SRB
  • Expected Release: June 


At its most basic level, the BR03-92 HUD (let’s just call it the HUD) takes its inspiration from the head up displays found in many military aircraft. The idea here is that all the information a pilot might need to complete their mission is presented to them in their field of vision via a transparent glass screen. This minimizes their need to glance toward the instrument panel, and saves valuable time while being a generally safer option. Of course, this technology has trickled all the way down from fighter jets to many of the cars that we drive today. Once you experience a well implemented HUD, it feels like a monumental waste to look at a traditional gauge. 

That explains the most obvious design feature of the HUD: its green tinted sapphire crystal. Tinted crystals are somewhat rare, so employing one is a surefire way to stand out a bit and deliver something that is legitimately fairly unique. But the green tint is only part of the story here, as the HUD employs a multi tier time telling display. This is similar to other instrument inspired watches in the Bell & Ross lineup, but with the green glass this type of dial layout is given an entirely different impression. 

Essentially what Bell & Ross has done is replace the hour hand with a rotating disc marked with a large triangular marker that points to the correct hour. This disc sits flush with the dial, creating a sense of depth against the minute and seconds hands above it. The fact that all of the text and numerals are composed in a bright green that recalls actual HUDs, and contrasted against not only the black dial but a black ceramic case as well, results in what is maybe the stealthiest of stealth watches, in a very real sense. Adding further to the sense of depth, the sapphire has four arrows painted on its underside, which provide a frame of sorts for the dial. In person, I imagine this has a very dynamic look, particularly when viewed at angles, or when the dial’s lume is fully charged. 

This watch won’t be for everyone, and in fact it might be for just a very small number of Bell & Ross enthusiasts and collectors who have overlapping interests in very specific military aircraft (that Venn diagram might be more of a circle). While my personal tastes veer toward more traditional watches, I have a soft spot for this kind of nod to a very particular type of enthusiast who is after something that’s truly unique. It’s nice to know that some brands are still plenty adventurous, even if said adventure is best experienced vicariously through others. 

The Bell & Ross BR03-92 HUD is limited to 999 pieces, and will be available this summer. Bell & Ross

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