Benrus Recaptures A Classic With The Type II Diver

For Benrus, the formula for reissuing a watch from their historic catalog is simple; create a timepiece ready for modern day use while staying true to the original military-spec design. As a result, they’ve seen success with reissued watches such as the DTU-2A/P field watch and their Type I diver. Their latest release succeeded the Type 1 in the 70s and does so again today with the Benrus Type II – a reissue equipped with updated specifications (then and now) that blends the robustness of a dive watch case and the legibility of a field watch dial.

Not much has changed with the case and dial design of the Benrus Type II. Slide through the images below and take a look for yourself. The thick one-piece stainless steel case retains the 43mm width and asymmetrical silhouette. The entire case comes in a sandblasted finish and the screw down crown is protected by nestling into the steel case. The lugs are short and form an H-shaped case construction which is a good sign that the Type II will easily accept a wide variety of straps.


The dial of the Benrus Type II is minimal, steady, and keeps the sterile aesthetic of its 50 year old plus sibling. The Type II sports a 12 hour display, as well as an inner ring 24 hour display, making for a legible dial out in the field (or at your local coffee shop, grocery store, etc) and quick 12/24 hour conversion. There is no branding on the dial, eliminating any distractions from the sole function of telling the time. Okay, I might have misspoken there. The Type II actually has an additional function that allows the user to track a second timezone via the 12 hour bidirectional bezel.

The caseback reads like a legitimate piece of military kit, presenting all sorts of serial and model reference numbers, as well as the limited edition number in all caps. The Benrus Type II houses the Soprod P024 automatic movement which rigs the reissued field-diver hybrid with 38 hours of power reserve. The Mil-Spec Mil-W-50717 which specified the design of the original Benrus Type II required a water resistance rating of 1,200 feet (365 meters). Although the reissued Benrus Type II 300 meter WR rating doesn’t quite reach the mil-spec rating of its predecessor, it’s more than enough for us average folks who won’t ever come close to using up all of that WR.

Benrus is one of a handful of brands that come to mind that properly execute a reissued military watch for modern wear. The Benrus Type II is straightforward and has all the characteristics of a no-fuss everyday watch. Although the 43mm case width might be too broad for my liking, the H-shaped lugs set the watch up to potentially work with multiple straps and allow for some tinkering to adjust how the watch would wear on wrist. The ability to track a second time zone using the 12 hour bezel, combined with the legibility of a field watch display, is an attribute that is more than appealing.

The Benrus Type II is available now and is limited to 500 pieces. The U.S. assembled and reissued Benrus Type II retails for $1,495. Benrus

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