BOLDR Enters the Affordable “True” GMT Race with the Odyssey Freediver

Back in July we brought you news of a Bulova GMT that was, by our count, the first watch from a major brand to use the new Miyota 9075 movement. A caliber of this type, with GMT functionality that allows for the independent setting of the local hour hand, is something of a holy grail for a certain type of watch enthusiast. Travel watches remain incredibly popular, and the functionality of a so-called “true” GMT is undeniable, and really a necessity if you’re on the road frequently enough. While the Bulova Wilton is perhaps a bit too formal to really catch fire with the enthusiast crowd, it was only a matter of time before a brand with a sportier focus put the new Miyota to use. Well, that time is now, as BOLDR has just launched the Odyssey Freediver GMT, which is about as far removed aesthetically as you can get from the previously referenced Bulova. 


A few years ago, when “caller” GMT watches were flooding the market from all angles, a watch like the Odyssey Freediver GMT was literally the stuff of dreams for value oriented watch collectors and enthusiasts, and the fact that a watch like this exists with an asking price under $1,000 is quite remarkable. What we have here is a GMT diver with 300 meters of water resistance, a 44mm stainless steel case, and the highly angular and contemporary aesthetic that we’ve come to expect from BOLDR. The Freediver also features some more luxe touches like a ceramic bezel (unidirectional, with a 24 hour scale), and a multilayered dial with translucent elements. 

There are three variants of the Odyssey Freediver, distinguished by the color of the bezel and the arrow tip of the GMT hand. All of the bezels are two-tone, and pair a black half with your choice of brown, green, or red. Those bezels surround a dial that is actually quite intricate. It’s largely translucent, with scales for 24 hour timekeeping, hours and minutes, and a date. The date “ring” is exposed through the dial, with a highlighted window at 4:30 displaying the current date. There would also appear to be what can only be described as a truckload of lume, with large applied hour markers around the dial’s perimeter, including double markers at the cardinal positions. The bezel is lumed as well. 

The case, as mentioned, is rather hefty at 44mm. We expect that it will wear a bit smaller than that given the short lugs, but even so this watch measures 52mm from end to end. The measurement that really gives us hope, though, is case height. According to BOLDR, the Odyssey Freediver comes in at just 12.5mm thick (excluding the crystal) which is quite slender for a watch with 300 meters of water resistance. This is a testament to the flexibility of the new Miyota movement, and has us excited to see how other small watch brands might execute GMTs with the 9075 that might not require an over the top water resistance rating. 

For now, the BOLDR Odyssey Freediver is genuinely exciting, and we’re looking forward to having a chance to try them out in the metal in the not too distant future. They’re available for pre-order right now through BOLDR’s website at a cost of $899, and are expected to ship in early December. Boldr

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