Breaking News: Christopher Ward Releases a Supercomplication!


Christopher Ward has been turning heads the last few years with their in-house modules followed by a 5-day in-house automatic chronometer. Well, now, just a few days after the dust of BaselWorld has settled, they are about to turn heads so far, they might just break some necks. Seen first here on worn&wound, C. Ward is proud to announce their first Supercomplication caliber; a mono-pusher chronograph, tourbillon, minute repeater; dubbed the JJ9000x. The new watch draws from their existing Harrison aesthetic, most closely from the C900 mono-pusher chronograph, clearly borrowing the same dial, hands, 43mm case, etc… The name too sticks to their current conventions, being called the C90,000 Supercomplication. No word yet if the case is steel or white gold.CWARD_C9000_CHRONO_TOURB_REPEATER

The movement itself is a 61-jewel hand-wound beast conceived by Johannes Jahnke and C. Ward’s manufacturing partner, Synergies Horlogeres. Though the technical details of the movement have yet to be fully announced, from what I’ve been told, it combines elements of their SH21 platform, with the mono-pusher module of the C900, and of course, has the additional tourbillon and minute repeater complications. So, on top of everything, you can expect 5-day power reserve coming from the dual barrels within. I image the added power of the barrels was needed for performance with the additional drain as well. The minute repeater, which unfortunately we have yet to hear, is operated in classic fashion via the switch on the 9 o’clock side. Words still out regarding COSC certification, but that would be the cherry on top.

Pretty insane, but wait for the real crazy part…the price. Sticking with their philosophy of bringing high-end Swiss watchmaking to the masses, the C90,000 will cost $9,999 and be a limited edition of 10 pieces. Now, ok, that’s a lot more than your typical C. Ward, and it’s more than I and likely you are looking to spend right now by several thousand dollars, but this is less a watch made to sell and more a watch made to show off. And show off they have. Brands don’t just up and make tourbillons and minute repeaters… they are individually amongst the most complex complications to design and manufacture, and to put them together is something only the big dogs try. Oh, and when in one caliber, usually go for a few hundred thousand dollars. The big Swiss brands are going to choke on their chocolate when they hear the news.

Unfortunately the juicy details and images are still yet to be unveiled, as this is mostly a teaser from the brand. So, we’ll update with more info as we get them. Stay tuned!

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