Breitling Launches a Pair of Motorcycle Themed Collaborations in their Permanent Collection

Breitling’s long history has continuously been dotted with opportunities to push the brand forward and introduce a new crowd to the Swiss brand. One way to do this is through a continued focus on partnering with brands that complement the Breitling’s mythology, particularly those with a focus on adventure, speed, and adrenaline.

Take, for example, the latest releases from Breitling’s Top Time line-up. Originally designed in the 1960’s by Willy Breitling, grandson of the family company’s founder Léon, as a response to the growing interest in motosports. The popular model, worn by design aficionados and 007’s alike, has only increased in popularity over its six-decade span. Now, both Triumph and Deus Ex Machina are putting their own spin on the Top Time platform once again, after a series of previous successful collaborations along similar lines.


Released this week, both the Top Time B01 Triumph and Top Time B01 Deus nod to the freewheeling spirit of the decades before while situating their own mark on the brand for the modern wearer. Both the Triumph and the Deus follow a blueprint established in previous collaborations, including the ice blue dial on the Triumph and playful accents on the Deus, but the new watches feature Breitling’s B01 chronograph caliber, whereas the earlier references used an ETA derived Caliber 23. That upgraded caliber is housed within the same 41mm stainless steel case as its predecessors. Often called the “unconventional chronograph”, Top Time models feature a variety of charming design choices, like the “squircle” subdials.

Both the Triumph and the Deus have their own personalities, though, that nod to each collaborator’s individual style. The Triumph, which is in partnership with the heritage motorcycle brand of the same name, features an icy blue dial that harkens back to the 1951 Triumph Thunderbird 6T from the British brand. Because of the archival heritage both brands can look to for inspiration, there are a few details which collectors will surely appreciate, including a retro Breitling logo, mushroom chronograph pushers, and a “Zorro” dial design.

The collaborative watch with Australian surf and motorcycle outfitter Deus Ex Machina, on the other hand, has a toned-down look that can appeal to the shared audience between those who love adrenaline highs and luxury watches. With its subtle black dial, perforated leather racing strap, and silver and red accents, it’s a watch that speaks to the Breitling adventurer. The Deus logo, the adage “In benzin veritas” (the brand’s cheeky motto which translates to “In petrol we trust”) and lighting bolt-shaped chronograph hand add small details that really drive this partnership home. 

Both the Top Time B01 Triumph and B01 Deus are available now via Breitling’s website with a retail price of $8,000. Unlike the previous collaborations, these new references are not limited editions. Breitling

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