Bremont’s Latest Made in Collaboration with Martin-Baker is a Stealthy Pilot’s GMT

You know when you run across something so rad that you realize “wow, I never knew I wanted that, but I totally do!” What if I told you there’s a watch that’s been made in collaboration with an iconic ejection seat manufacturer, and the watch itself has been tested to the same extremes as said ejection seats: vibration, extreme endurance, live ejection, altitude, and aircraft carrier deck testing? Well, Bremont and Martin-Baker brought life to a limited edition watch that expands on Bremont’s popular MB line — the MBIII Stealth is born.

Limited to only 50 pieces, the MBIII Stealth is an almost totally blacked-out watch that would curl the toes of any secret agent. The case itself is 43mm of jet black DLC coated stainless steel with a knurled aluminum barrel, that pulls from the design elements of Martin-Baker ejection seats, and matches with the knurling on the duel crowns: one crown for setting and winding your watch, and the other is for the inner rotating 24-hour bezel. The MBIII Stealth has GMT and date functionality, made possible through Bremont’s chronometer certified BE-93-2AV automatic movement. The movement itself is anti-shock with a faraday ring that makes it both shock resistant and anti-magnetic, and it can all be seen through a smoked sapphire exhibition caseback that adds to the jet-setting super spy motif of the watch. 

In fact, the only area in which any color can be found is underneath the sapphire crystal on the dial, whose Arabic numerals, minute markers, and hands are all in stark white and coated with Super-Luminova. This is a pilot’s watch after all, so it’s ready to be read at a moment’s notice with a quick glance. The only other colors that exist on this watch are red (on the anti-shock logo under the pinion, and on the tip of the lollipop seconds hand) and orange (striated on a loop that serves as the counterbalance on the seconds hand). The counterbalance reminds me of a little missile targeting system spinning around the dial. 

Now, you’ll need a great fit if you want to go parachuting behind enemy lines with the black void of night serving as your only cover. For that Bremont has given us a bi-material strap, aptly named the Chalgrove strap after Martin-Baker’s site at Chalgrove airfield in Oxfordshire. The strap is made of leather and rubber, providing a snug and lightweight fit to anyone who would don this hyper-tooly and stealthy pilot’s watch.

The retail price on this limited MBIII is $5,450. It’s available to order now through the Bremont website, with delivery expected in January. Bremont

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