Bulova Elevates Any Occasion With New Automatic Watches

Bulova has been one of the proudest names in American watchmaking since the 19th century. No other watch brand has such a deep history in the United States, and the watches are a reflection of that past and American style throughout their many decades of operation. Bulova is able to draw on a vast catalog of historic references to create modern updates to vintage classics with a flair that is completely unique. Along with the brand’s own storied history, the element that ties these watches together is the automatic movement that powers them – linking these timepieces to a legacy of mechanical craftsmanship that only gets stronger as the years go by. 

The Bulova Aerojet is a new watch in the brand’s lineup, and inspired by vintage watches of the jet age. The Aerojet is sleek and luxurious, with dials in blue or brown with a subtle ombre effect. The perimeter of these dials has a slightly darker tone than the center, a visual highlight that sets these watches apart and makes them an elegant choice for any occasion. The Aerojet has a crosshair dial with an offset 24 hour register with a contrasting color in the lower hemisphere. This is a funky look that can actually be worn day in and day out. The automatic movement beating away inside will keep time for over 40 hours on a full wind, and the intricate inner workings of the caliber can be observed through the exhibition caseback.

The Sutton is another example of how Bulova can pull from designs from any point in their history and create something compelling and modern. The rectangular case shape is based on the classic President design from 1948. This is Art Deco through and through, with stepped case flanks, a textured dial (in either silver or black) and distinctive Arabic numerals to indicate the hours. Bulova’s iconic tuning fork logo is applied at the 12:00 position, but the real star of the dial is the aperture at the 7:00 position that reveals the automatic movement’s balance wheel. The balance is the movement component responsible for actually keeping time, and it’s constant rocking back and forth provides a visual impact like nothing else, and is a constant reminder of the complex mechanism sitting just underneath the dial. It’s a modern twist on a classic dress watch style, and a surefire conversation starter. 

Bulova’s archives are full of iconic watches, but few are as well known as the Devil Diver. The Devil Diver is so named for the water resistance spelled out on the dial: 666 feet, a number associated with the so-called “Mark of the Beast.” In reality, of course, there’s nothing evil about the watch, now part of Bulova’s Oceanographer series. Available with a bright orange or deep green dial, the modern incarnation of the Devil Diver retains much of the 70s style that made it famous 50 years ago. The oversized cushion case, coming in at 44mm, is deceptively comfortable and easy to wear, and reminiscent of a period in watch design that was truly adventurous.

The Devil Diver, like the other watches in Bulova’s collection of automatic timepieces, is powered by a self-winding caliber that never needs a battery. The automatic movement is an ingenious design, using an oscillating weight that’s put in motion by the natural movement of your wrist to wind a mainspring, which gradually distributes power through a complex gear train that gives the watch life. An automatic movement is particularly useful on a dive watch like the Devil Diver, as the running seconds hand provides an immediate visual cue that the watch is running, and there’s no potential electronic failure point as there is with a quartz watch. In a potentially dangerous diving situation, it should provide some peace of mind to the wearer to know that their equipment is running reliably. 

Bulova’s automatic watches can be dressed up or down, and come in any style imaginable. Dress watches, sports watches, and everything in between, with looks inspired by the full breadth of watch design history. Many brands pull from a variety of influences, but Bulova is unique in their ability to do so authentically. History is built into the brand, and with these new automatic watches, Bulova is ensuring new generations of watch lovers can enjoy their story for years to come.

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